Issues in Informing Science and Information Technology (IISIT)

Online ISSN: 1547-5867  •  Print ISSN: 1547-5840

IISIT limits its publications to the best papers accepted for the InSITE conference. Please see for submission guidelines.


The Issues in Informing Science and Information Technology (IISIT) is a peer-reviewed journal that publishes selected high quality articles from the Informing Science and Information Technology Education (InSITE) conferences. All conference manuscripts have been submitted and reviewed electronically using the same review system as our Journals.  We provide our published authors with both a quality print publication and the widespread readership. This approach ensures that published works are read and cited by the widest possible audience.


Recent Articles

Klaus-Dietrich Kramer, Annedore Söchting, Thomas Stolze
Timothy Haig-Smith, Maureen Tanner
Antoinette Lombard, Hein Johan Wiese, Jan Smit
Gila Kurtz, Yehuda Peled
Seta Boghikian-Whitby, Yehia Mortagy

Editorial Board

Eli Cohen
Editor in Chief

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