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Kai Scott, Mary DeMarinis, Rosemary Ricciardelli, Gregory S Anderson
JSPTE, Volume 4, 2019
Yusep Rosmansyah, Mohamad Achiruzaman, Ariq Bani Hardi
JITE:Research, Volume 18, 2019
Omar Hasan Salah, Prof.Dr. Zawiyah Mohammad Yusof, Dr.Hazura Mohamed
IJIKM, Volume 14, 2019
Araya Ramsin, Hayley J Mayall
JITE:Research, Volume 18, 2019


  • Said Hadjerrouit
  • I really liked meeting delegates with multi-cultural background giving a strong sense of cross-cultural diversity appreciation, sharing information
  • Dr Nicole A. Buzzetto-Hollywood
    Editor in Chief, United States
  • Our expediency, open access status, the quality of our reviews, and our willingness to guide authors sets us apart.

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