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Heimo J. Jeske, Manoj Lall, Okuthe P. Kogeda
JITE:IIP , Volume 17 , 2018
Gabriel AB Marais, Rebecca Shankland, Pascale Haag, Robin Fiault, Bridget Juniper
IJDS , Volume 13 , 2018
Cathrine (Cathy) Ames, Ronald Berman, Alex Casteel
IJDS , Volume 13 , 2018
Fay Sudweeks
IJELL , Volume 14 , 2018


  • Said Hadjerrouit
    Reviewer, Norway
  • I really liked meeting delegates with multi-cultural background giving a strong sense of cross-cultural diversity appreciation, sharing information
  • Estelle Taylor
    Reviewer, South Africa
  • I have attended 12 international conferences during the last 6 years and this is without doubt the best conference I have attended.
  • Lynn Jeffrey
    Editor in Chief, New Zealand

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