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Christopher M Clark, Kate Olson, Ozge Hacifazlioglu, David L Carlson
IJDS, Volume 16, 2021
Mariam Alawi Alhashmi, Omar Mubin, Rama Bassam Baroud
JITE:Research, Volume 20, 2021
Taha Mansouri, Ahad ZareRavasan, Amir Ashrafi
JITE:Research, Volume 20, 2021
João Henrique Berssanette, Antonio Carlos de Francisco
JITE:Research, Volume 20, 2021


  • Jason Willoughby
    Reviewer, United States
  • I believed in the mission of the organization and have great joy to be a part of this great team.
  • Dr Utku Kose
    Reviewer, Turkey
  • It is great working with ISI. Thank you for your valuable support!

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