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Francesco Tommasi, Ferdinando Toscano, Davide Giusino, Andrea Ceschi, Riccardo Sartori, Johanna Lisa Degen
IJDS, Volume 17, 2022
Ping Ning, Dorothy DeWitt, Leng Hai Chin, Nordilah Alias
JITE:Research, Volume 21, 2022
Merav Hayak, Orit Avidov Ungar
JITE:IIP, Volume 21, 2022
Khim Raj Subedi, Shyaam Sharma, Krishna Bista
IJDS, Volume 17, 2022


  • Dr Nicole A. Buzzetto-Hollywood
    Editor in Chief, United States
  • Our expediency, open access status, the quality of our reviews, and our willingness to guide authors sets us apart.
  • Idan Nagar
  • You are amazing people. We greatly appreciate your attitude, care and concern. I had a very enriching experience.

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