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Dr Nicole A. Buzzetto-Hollywood
Associate Editor in Chief, IJELL, Editor in Chief, IJDS
University of Maryland Eastern Shore, United States
ISI Sponsoring Member
Governor Emeritus
Bronze Reviewer 2018
Silver Editor 2018
Bronze Reviewer 2019
Silver Editor 2019
Bronze Editor 2020
Silver Reviewer 2021
Antonio Cartelli
University of Cassino, Italy
ISI Founder
Prof. Dimitar Grozdanov Christozov
American University in Bulgaria, Bulgaria
ISI Founder
Bronze Reviewer 2018
Silver Reviewer 2019
Silver Reviewer 2020
Bronze Reviewer 2021
Gold Editor 2022
Gold Editor 2023
Bronze Reviewer 2023
Bronze Reviewer 2024
the late Zbigniew J. Gackowski
California State University Stanislaus, United States
ISI Founder
Grandon Gill
Editor in Chief, IF, Senior Editor in Chief, JITE: DC, Editor in Chief, MCR, Editor in Chief, MBR
University of South Florida, United States
ISI Founder
Gold Reviewer 2017
Dr Michael Jones
Senior Editor in Chief, IJDS
University of Wollongong, Australia
DePaul University, United States
Governor Emeritus
Alex Koohang
Middle George State University, United States
Governor Emeritus
Raafat George Saadé
Senior Editor in Chief, AMR, Senior Editor in Chief, IJCDMS
Concordia University, Canada
Governor Emeritus

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