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Thanks for the certificate. I am honoured to receive one from your institute.

- Airen Adetimirin, Reviewer, University of Ibadan, Nigeria

Thank you so much! Amazing constructive feedback from the reviewers, what a wonderful experience (not always the case with journals).

- Karolína Poliaková, Charles University, Czech Republic

InSITE is the best conference I’ve been to. It was friendly, inclusive and well run. And I return home with a full agenda for further research.

- Lynn Jeffrey, Editor, Massey University, New Zealand

You are amazing people. We greatly appreciate your attitude, care and concern. I had a very enriching experience.

- Idan Nagar, The Academic College of Tel Aviv-Yaffo, Israel

We value your intellectual humility, hard work, and highly constructive feedback. ,,, how humble, on-time, and giving you are.

- Shahjad ‎, Jamia Millia Islamia New Delhi India, India

The eSkills conference has definitely been the most memorable to date ... It was the most successful conference I have ever attended.

- David Machine, University of Cape Town, South Africa

Thanks to the editorial team for their support...I cannot emphasize enough that you are achieving the goals of ISI to support authors

- Omolabake Fakunle, University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom

The InSITE Conference was awesome ... I really enjoyed every moment.

- Kevin Johnson, Ireland

I feel proud to be a member

- Dr Krassie Petrova, Editor in Chief, Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand

I enjoyed working with you (Eli) and Betty and being a part of the wonderful InSITE conference community

- Prof. Timothy J. McFarlin, University of La Verne, United States

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