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The InSITE Conference was awesome ... I really enjoyed every moment.

- Kevin Johnson, Ireland

It is a pleasure - and sometimes a wonderful challenge :-) - to contribute a little bit to the advancement of knowledge.

- Christiane Metzner, Reviewer, Universidad Central de Venezuela, United States

I would like to convey my sincerest gratitude to your team. Thank you very much! Looking forward to working further with this team

- Prof. Nikko T Ederio, Reviewer, St. Paul University Surigao, Philippines

These comments are greatly helpful in improving the paper. We are very grateful for the help from you all!

- Qui-Bo Huang, Zhejiang Gongshang University, China

Thank you for such extensive and thoughtful feedback given in the process of rejecting our article. This is a rare example of academic generosity.

- Susan Carter, New Zealand

The eSkills conference has definitely been the most memorable to date ... It was the most successful conference I have ever attended.

- David Machine, University of Cape Town, South Africa

I am looking forward to contributing more to the Informing Science Institute in the future.

- Laurence Habib, Reviewer, OsloMet -- Oslo Metropolitan University, Norway

I feel proud to be a member

- Dr Krassie Petrova, Editor, Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand

I absolutely loved the conference. It was not only very well organised with attention to the smallest details

- Suzanne I. Sackstein, Reviewer, university of the witwatersrand, South Africa

Thanks for providing outstanding feedback on my paper. It was very much appreciated.

- Anthony L Hinen, Reviewer, University of South Florida, United States

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