InSITE 2016: Informing Science + IT Education Conferences: Lithuania

Jun 27 - Jul 1 2016, Vilnius, Lithuania 

Networking Connections

Our networking outings are always a lot of fun, thought provoking, and a way to connect with colleagues.  Programs include the following.

Monday 27 June – All day networking opportunity while visiting Trakai and Kernave. (see below) 

Tuesday 28 June

                Morning:  Half day networking excursion of Vilnius (click here for more details)

                Afternoon walking tour of the campus of Vilnius University





Monday 27 June  

The tour accompanied by a professional tour guide and a comfortable, air-conditioned minibus with panoramic windows goes to Trakai and Kernavė to visit not only the XIV c. castle surrounded by lakes, but also the pagan Lithuanian first capital Kernavė, which was included into the world cultural heritage by UNESCO. You can admire the beautiful barrows of Neris mysterious mounds in Lithuania.

   Trakai is located 28 km west of Vilnius. There are many lakes in the region. Trakai Castle Museum of 15th century (in the middle of Lake Galve) is the only insular castle throughout Eastern Europe. Island castle is one of the most visited historical-architectural monuments in Lithuania.
In the 13th century Kernave was probably the first Lithuanian state capital. At that time it was a wooden town of feudal artisans and merchants and one of the major economic centres of the country. Five fortified mounds served to protect the Duke’s castle and the town. There are more than one thousand of these ancient mounds in Lithuania, but this is the only place where you will find so many of them together.







Tuesday 28 June

   During the sightseeing tour of the city you will visit the Old Town which was included in the UNESCO list of monuments in 1994. Minibuses will stop at the most famous Vilnius sites, such as the Gates of Dawn with its miraculous Renaissance painting Our Lady of the Gate of Dawn, St. Anne's and Bernardine churches, the Town Hall Square and others.

   Itinerary (briefly):
Cathedral Square (stopover),, Presidential Palace, Vilnius University, Dominicans‘ (Dominikonų) street, German (Vokiečių) street, Town Hall and it’s square, Rudninkų street, Rampart (Pylimo) street, Gediminas avenue (KGB museum), Parliament, Vilnius cityarea Menagerie (Žvėrynas), Quay of the river Neris,Green bridge, St. Peter’s and Paul’s church (stopover), Užupis, St. Ann’s and Bernadine’s church (stopover), Amber gallery (St. Mykolo str. 8), The Hill of Subačius (scenery), The Gates of Dawn (stopover),Orthodox Church of the Holy Spirit, Lithuanian National Philharmonic, Town Hall square.

The tour continues with a private tour of the interior rooms of historic Vilnius University and ends in time to attend the opening session, followed by a reception.




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