InSITE 2017: Informing Science + IT Education Conferences: Vietnam

Jul 31 - Aug 5 2017, Ho Chi Minh (Saigon), Vietnam 

Registration Information


Complete Conference (July 31-Aug 5). Networking, Workshops, Paper Sessions (Expires Jul 13) 695.00 USD
Complete Conference minus Mekong (Aug 1-Aug 5). Networking, Workshops, Paper Sessions (Expires Jul 7) 660.00 USD
Complete Conference minus Cu Chi Tunnels. Networking, Workshops, Paper Sessions (Expires Jul 7) 660.00 USD
Workshops and paper sessions only (August 2-5) (Expires Jul 3) 595.00 USD
Special Subsidized Rate for Vietnam university *Authors* of InSITE paper to attend Workshops and Paper Sessions. Eligible for Membership and Reviewer Discounts (Expires Jul 3) 495.00 USD
Special Subsidized Rate for Vietnam university *Non-Authors* to attend Workshops and Paper Sessions. ** Do not take any other discount below with this rate. ** (Expires Jul 31) 200.00 USD


ISI Member -50.00 USD
Complete Payment By March 15 (Expires Mar 15) -50.00 USD
Productive Reviewer of 2017 InSITE papers(notified of discount) -50.00 USD


Conference Hotel: MerPerle Crystal Palace
Conference Hotel: Vien Dong Hotel


(Optional) Hire our formatter for 1st paper 100.00 USD
Fee for Second Paper in conference 100.00 USD
(Optional) Hire our formatter for 2nd paper 100.00 USD
Fee for Third Paper in conference 100.00 USD


We need to notify the bus company by June 30 on the number of people attending the pre-conference study missions. To join a trip after then, contact for instructions.

Guest Field Trip

Both July 31 (Mekong Delta) and Aug. 1 (Cu Chi) (Expires Jul 11) 100.00 USD
Mekong Delta Only (Expires Jun 30) 55.00 USD
Cu Chi Tunnels Only (Expires Jun 30) 65.00 USD

Guest Meal

Banquet dinner on August 4 for Guest (Delegate Banquet ticket is included with registration) 60.00 USD

Fair-Share Policy Regarding Conference Fees

We price the conference to come close to breaking-even without losing money.  If the conference has extra funds, we use them to add benefits to all delegates.  For this reason, we have no funding to support delegates registration fees or travel.  Delegate needs to obtain these funds on their own. 

Fair-Share Policy Regarding Multiple Paper Submissions

Each paper accepted for the conference needs to be presented.   If a paper has multiple authors, typically it is presented by one of the co-authors who is a (paid) delegate.  If it has only one author, typically the single author presents it.

Each author/delegate is entitled to present one paper with no additional charge. If a paper is co-authored, each paying delegate co-author also has one “free” paper.  There is a second paper fee in cases, for example, in which one person has two papers and no other co-authors who are paid delegates. 

So far we have not limited the number of submissions, but before you submit more than two papers, we would want to make sure that you understand the above policy.

The reason for the policy is because the registration fee pays for the cost (in money and time) to prepare one paper and provide the resources for presenting it.  For example, without incurring any additional fees four paid delegates could present four different papers in which all four are co-authors.   However if only one of the authors were a paid delegate, we would need to charge extra paper fees for THREE extra papers.  (If this actually happened, we would talk to the author about limiting the number of papers to two to be fair to everyone.)

Authors submit their manuscripts electronically using the submission and review system.

All manuscripts must be the authors' original, unpublished work. The manuscript must not be under consideration for publication elsewhere. By submitting a paper, the author(s) assert that they possess the copyright for all the material, that it does not infringe on any copyrighted material, and that upon acceptance and registration, they transfer the copyright of the paper to the Informing Science Institute so we can publish it.


The conference fee includes many meals.  Discounts are provided to those with current ISI membership and those who successfully completed their obligation as a conference reviewer.

Weasel Words

All delegates must register and pay by May 31.  For a paper to appear in the proceedings, at least one author must register and pay their registration fee by April 15.  For a paper to appear in the schedule, at least one author must register and pay their registration fee by May 1.  All attendees agree to allow videos and other recordings of presentations that they present and/or of them attending presentations to be made available to the public on the Informing Science Institute website and emails.

Cancellation Policy

All cancellations must be made in writing. Delegates canceling their registration prior to April 15 will receive a full refund (minus a $50 administration fee). Any delegate canceling from April 15  until May 1 will receive a refund of 75% of their fees (minus a $50 administration fee). While cancellations after May 1 cannot be refunded, the delegate may substitute another to take his or her place. [The reason for these requirements is that we need to order and pay for food, printed material, formatting of papers, and other items well in advance of the conference. The conference pays for these, whether or not you attend.]  Should a delegate be unable to attend, we will send the conference materials via airmail for an additional $50 shipping and handling fee.

Delegates are responsible for obtaining their own visa, securing their own accommodations, and paying their own expenses. 

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