InSITE 2017: Informing Science + IT Education Conferences: Vietnam

Jul 31 - Aug 5 2017, Ho Chi Minh (Saigon), Vietnam 


August 5

8:30 - Registration desk opens for questions and for those who have not previously registered

9:00-10:30 Paper presentations

                      09:00 - 09:30          Innovating and Entrepreneurial Initiatives: Some Cases of Success

                                                               Marta Machín, Carmen De Pablos Heredero

                      09:30 - 10:00          The Emergent Global Marketing Challenges for Kerala Cardamom Producers Vis-à-Vis The Role Of The Spices Board

                                                               Majo George, Elsa Cherian

                      10:00 - 10:30          Transforming Communications in the Workplace: The Impact of UC on Perceived Productivity in a Multi-national

                                                               Joy Fluker, Meg Coffin Murray

              In Room   B

                      09:00 - 09:30          Outsourcing Best Practice - The Case of Large Construction Firms in Iran

                                                               Mohammadreza Akbari, Dr Steven J Clarke, Shaghayegh Maleki Far

                      09:30 - 10:00          Entertaining Whilst Defacing Websites: Psychological Games for Hackers

                                                               Ashish K Das, Quynh Thi Nguyen, Susan Thomas

                      10:00 - 10:30          Ransomware: A Research and a Personal Case Study of Dealing with this Nasty Malware

                                                               Azad Ali

10:30-11:00 Coffee break

11:00-12:00 Paper presentations

              In Room   A

                      11:00 - 11:30          Can Learners Become Teachers? Evaluating the Merits of Student Generated Content and Peer Assessment

                                                               David E Murray, Tanya J. McGill, Danny Toohey, Nik Thompson

                      11:30 - 12:00          Improving Information Technology Curriculum Learning Outcomes

                                                               Derrick L Anderson

                      12:00 - 12:30          Enhancing Students’ Learning through Early Class Preparation

                                                               Clara A. Nkhoma, Mathews Nkhoma, Irfan ulhaq, Sang Q Mai

              In Room   B

                      11:00 - 11:30          Comparison of Applicant's Results for Studies from Russia and Vietnam at the University of Economics, Prague

                                                               Milos Maryska, Petr Doucek, Lea Nedomova

                      11:30 - 12:00          Remember When Ebooks were all the Rage?   A Look at Student Preferences for Printed Text versus Electronic

                                                               Vicki L Gregory, Kiersten L Cox

                      12:00 - 12:30          When Informing Doesn't Inform

                                                               Martine Robinson Beachboard, John Beachboard

12:30-13:45 Lunch

13:45-14:45 Closing plenary session and planning

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