InSITE 2019: Informing Science + IT Education Conferences: Jerusalem

Jun 30 - Jul 4 2019, Jerusalem, Israel 


July 1

9:00- 10:30 – Opening Plenary with keynote speaker Sheizaf Rafaeli on "Digital Culture/ Digital Clutter"  conceptual toolkit for navigating cyberspace

10:30-11:00 – Coffee Break

Session Time            11:00 - 12:30

              In Room   A

                      11:00 - 11:30          Autoethnography of the Cultural Competence Exhibited at an  African American Weekly Newspaper Organization
                                                              Erik Bean

                      11:30 - 12:00          User-Generated Geospatial Meteorology Map Prototype
                                                               William J Miranda-Hill, Jozef Goetz

                      12:00 - 12:30          A Broader Look at a Student Newspaper under Disruptive Changes
                                                               Minh Q. Huynh, Nicholas Walsh, Scott D McDonald

              In Room   B

                      11:00 - 11:30          Automatic Detection and Classification of Dental Restorations in Panoramic Radiographs
                    Talia Yeshua, Ya'akov Mandelbaum, Ragda Abdalla-Aslan, Chen Nadler, Laureen Cohen, Levana Zemour, Daniel  Kabla, Ori Gleisner, Isaac Leichter

                      11:30 - 12:00          Exploring the Development of a Framework for Informal E-mentoring of Online Health Education Students: A Formative  Evaluation [Research in Progress]
                                                               Sherry Tarver-Grover

                      12:00 - 12:30          Implications of Updating Digital Literacy – A Case Study in an Optometric Curriculum
                                                               Jo Coldwell-Neilson, James A Armitage, Ryan J Wood-Bradley, Blair Kelly, Alex Gentle

              In Room   C

                      11:00 - 11:30          Remaining Connected with our Graduates: A Pilot Study
                                                               Joy Penman, Eddie L Robinson, Wendy M Cross

                      11:30 - 12:00          Professional Life of Information System Graduates—Impressions and Experiences
                                                               Georg Disterer

                      12:00 - 12:30          Fostering Self and Peer Learning Inside and Outside the Classroom through the Flipped Classroom Approach for  Postgraduate Students
                                                               Eugenia M. W. Ng

              In Room   D

                      11:00 - 11:30          A Work Systems View of Unplanned Business Process Change: The Case of
                                                               Trevor D Joubert, Lisa F Seymour

                      11:30 - 12:00          Synthesizing Design and Informing Science Rationales for Driving a Decentralized Generative Knowledge Management  Agenda
                                                               Ulrich Schmitt, Grandon Gill

                      12:00 - 12:30          Prosumers’ Engagement in Business Process Innovation – The Case of Poland and the UK
                                                               Ewa Wanda Ziemba, Monika Eisenbardt, Roisin Mullins, Sandra Dettmer

12:30-1:45 – Lunch sponsored by Muma College of Business, University of South Florida

Session Time            13:45 - 15:15

              In Room   A

                      13:45 - 14:15          Integrating Drone Technology in STEM Education: A Case Study to Assess Teachers’ Readiness and Training Needs
                                                        Wing Shui Ng, Gary Cheng

                      14:15 - 14:45          Engaging Maritime Students in Lifelong Learning as Teacher’s Prime Mission [Abstract]
                                                              Olga Zavalniuk, Volodymyr Nesterenko, Inna Zavalniuk

                      14:45 - 15:15          Explaining Performance Using a Multi-Media Tool
                                                               Raafat George Saadé, Fassil Nebebe, Dennis Kira

              In Room   B

                      13:45 - 14:15          The Impact of Contribution in Aid of Construction on Utility Dilapidated infrastructure: Evidence from the State of Florida [Abstract]
                                                               Daniel Acheampong, Tanya S Benford, Carlos G Ramos

                      14:15 - 14:45          The Benefit of Information in a Single-server Queue with Heterogeneous Service Valuations [Abstract]
Irit Nowik, Refael Hassin, Yair Y Shaki

                      14:45 - 15:15          Business Priorities Driving BYOD Adoption: A Case Study of a South African Financial Services Organization
                                                               Jacques Ophoff, Steve Miller

              In Room   C

                      13:45 - 14:15          A Review of Project Management Course Syllabi to Determine if They Reflect the Learner-centred Course Pedagogy   [Abstract]
                                                               Erastus Karanja, Donna M. Grant

                      14:15 - 14:45          Influence Factors on the Adoption of a Financial Application [Abstract]
                                                               Golan Carmi, Nethanel Drezner

                      14:45 - 15:15          The Competencies Required for the BPA Role: An Analysis of the Kenyan Context
                                                               Elizabeth W Wamicha, Lisa F Seymour

              In Room   D

                      13:45 - 14:15          Workshop: Information Search & Discovery, Using an Image as Query
                                                               Paul Nieuwenhuysen

                      14:15 - 14:45          Workshop: Keyword Discovery: Visualizing Your Topic in Research, Thesis and Dissertation Development
                                                              Vicki L Gregory, Kiersten L Cox

3:15-3:45 – Coffee Break

Session Time            15:45 - 17:15

              In Room   A

                      15:45 - 16:15          Addressing the Challenge of Guiding Our Students on how to Deal with Fake News
                                                               Val Hooper

                      16:15 - 16:45          Ethos, Pathos and Logos: Rhetorical Fixes for an Old Problem: Fake News
                                                               Arthur J Grant

                      16:45 - 17:15          Fake News and Informing Science [Abstract]
                                                               Grandon Gill

              In Room   B

                      15:45 - 16:15          Understanding Online Learning Based on Different Age Categories
                                                               Danielle Morin, Hamed Safaee Fard, Raafat George Saadé

                      16:15 - 16:45          An Overview of the Global Open Educational Badge Movement: Opportunities and Challenges [Abstract]
                                                               Terry McGovern

                      16:45 - 17:15          An Examination of the Barriers to Ledership for Facilty of Color at U.S. Universities
                                                               Sydney Freeman Jr., Karen Krier, Ahmed A Al-Asfour, Russell Thacker

              In Room   C

                      15:45 - 16:15          MaDaScA: Instruction of Data Science to Managers
                                                               Shahar Golan, Dan Bouhnik

                      16:15 - 16:45          Assessing the Graphic Questionnaire Used in Digital Literacy Training
                                                               Elena Maceviciute, Thomas D. Wilson, Zinaida Man┼żuch

                      16:45 - 17:15          Virtually There: The Potential, Process and Problems of Using 360° Video in the Classroom
                                                               Sophie McKenzie, Justin Rough, Aaron Spence, Nick Patterson

              In Room   D

                      15:45 - 16:15          Technology in the Classroom: Teachers’ Technology Choices in Relation to Content Creation and Distribution
                                                               Suzanne l Sackstein, Linda Spark, Bryan Turner

                      16:15 - 16:45          Educational Technology in IT and Marketing Education - The Experience of Early Thai Educators [Abstract]
                                                               Yupawan Vannavanit

                      16:45 - 17:15          Agile Requirements Engineering: An Empirical Analysis and Evidence from a Tertiary Education Context
                                                               Meetu Thomas, Mali Senapathi

5:30-7:00 – Welcome Reception at JCT

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