InSITE 2024: Informing Science + IT Education Conferences: Jerusalem

Jul 22 - 26 2024, Jerusalem and Online, Israel 

Reviewer Information

Thank you for volunteering to review for the conference. Before signing up, please ensure you understand the obligation we ask of you. We need to ask this because some colleagues signed up as a reviewer in the past but failed to complete their professional obligations as a reviewer. Our authors anticipate that the reviewers will provide them with mentoring ideas on how to improve the paper. If you agree that reviewing should be a constructive experience, please volunteer. Since we will be relying on you, we need to ask the following:

  • Reviewers need to review three papers during the December, January, and February review period. Will you have time and availability during this holiday time? If not, do not sign up as a reviewer.
  • You are reviewing as a non-expert. Please note that some or all papers will not be in your field of expertise since this is a transdisciplinary conference! Suppose you are unable to ascertain the correctness of the technical details. In that case, please provide feedback on aspects you can comment upon (such as readability and development) and note that you are not commenting on other aspects (such as mathematics or literature review). Will you provide whatever feedback you can if you receive a paper outside your field of specialty? If you are unwilling to look at papers outside your research area, please do not sign up. 

If you have the time and commitment to providing three mentoring reviews to colleagues for papers assigned during the review period, perhaps outside your specialization, Thank You! Click the Become A Reviewer tab on this page to continue. Here is a link to our Reviewers' Manual.

If you are not currently in our ISI colleague database, you must verify that the mail sent to your email address from our server reaches you. You will do this by responding to the system's initial email. Then login in and be sure to select the topics for which you have expertise and interest. (Be sure to click on the TOPICS tab and select all topics of your interest and expertise.

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