Education under the Pandemic Workshop and Book of Readings

Apr 1 - 1 2021, online 

The scale, speed, and impact of COVID-19 is an event that has rarely been witnessed in our history.  What started out as an outbreak in one part of the world quickly escalated into a global pandemic affecting the world's entire population.

Amidst the immediate responses to the health crisis and looming economic crisis, is the simultaneous and global impact the pandemic will have on an entire generation of learners and how educators managed and are still managing the sudden and unexpected shift to online education.  A key aspect of the continuity of education in such circumstances is to understand how learners and educators managed this feat, the critical role technology played in online education, the lessons learnt and how to “future proof” education.

Hosted By


  • Christopher Cheong


Important Deadlines

August 25

500-word (or longer) abstract due

October 19

First Drafts due, peer-reviewing starts

November 20

Reviews Due

December 18

Peer reviews delivered to authors

March 31

Book published

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