ICAO Scientific Review: Analytics and Management Research (ceased publication) (AMR)


Article submission is closed at the moment.

Article Submission Guidelines

APA Style

Papers are to follow the APA style for formatting references. A summary of these guidelines can be found here. All works cited within the paper must be included in the References list at the end of the paper, and all works in the References list must be cited in the paper.

Format for Original Submission

Submissions are to be in Microsoft Word (.doc) or Rich Text Format (.rtf). Since all submitted manuscripts are subject to blind review (authors don't know the reviewers and reviewers don't know the authors), you must remove any identifying information (name, affiliation, etc.) from the paper prior to submission. Information regarding authors is collected by the system on the manuscript submission form.

If you use Microsoft Word, take off your identifying information from the file properties by clicking: File, Properties and deleting all identifying information.

While there are no strict format guidelines for original submissions, it is helpful to look at the format for accepted papers when preparing your paper for submission. All papers are to be written in English. While US spelling is preferable, other versions of English are acceptable. If you are not fluent in English, please contact us and our editorial team are able to help you. 

There are no regulations on length; however will be exceptional for an article to exceed 20 pages.  All papers must be written concisely with clear development.

If you have not heard word about your submission after a month, feel free to contact Editor-in-Chief - Michael Jones (editor@IJDS.org) / Raafat Saade (editorIJSCCA@gmail.com)

Article Formatting Instructions

Articles should consist of the following sections: (1) Executive Summary, (2) keywords (3-8), (3) Highlights in bullet point form (3-8), (4) Body of article, (5) strategic implications in bullet point form (3-8), (6) change implications in bullet point form (3-8).

Executive Summary

200-600 words which represents a total scan of the work presented in the article. It should provide enough information to give the reader a clear idea of what he/she will be covering while reading the article.


To enable searches in databases, include all the keywords of your research here, as well as in the list of keywords.


Provide 3 to 8 most important information/knowledge that your article produced. This is to identify the most important parts of your article to your reader.

Body of the paper

Traditionally, articles begin with an introduction that lays the groundwork for why the paper that follows is important. The introduction section introduces the research by presenting its context or background and explaining the purpose of this paper. This section often includes the definition of relevant terms, a literature review, any hypotheses, and how this paper differs from other studies or papers on this topic. Include how the article advances the knowledge base in this area. What is unique about it? End with a statement that sums up the conclusion of the paper.


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