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Volume 1, 2019

Dennis Kira, Golnaz Rezai, Raafat George Saadé
Despite growing interest and an incremental increase of published material on civil aviation, the bulk of existing research remains focused on topics related to operations and technical training. This significant shortage of literature on civil aviation management issues. This study addresses the shortage of aviation management research and encourages research work in this field.
Co ...
Aviation management, journal review, research, ICAO strategic goals.
1 - 15
Kit Teng Phuah, Siti Intan Nurdiana Wong Abdullah, Bernard Jit Heng Lim
Aim/Purpose: In transport industry, production and consumption of services are inseparable. Therefore, the objective of this study is to determine passenger perceived quality and satisfaction between Chinese airlines and Foreign airlines.

Background: Increased wealth and prosperity across Asia has generated a massive increase in air travel. Marketers in airline industry have increasingly become m ...
Chinese airlines, foreign airlines, gap analysis study, satisfaction, service quality, SERV-QUAL model, full-service airlines
17 - 33
Sainarayan Ananthanarayan, Behzad Taghipour
Aim/Purpose: The aim of this article is how to improve the profitability and to reduce risk in airline industry by applying variance analysis.

Background: Airline industry unveiled a serious number of practices to shape rich and personalized passenger experiences and to create new ways to drive profitability. However, due to economic challenges, the risk of fluctuating profitability must be bette ...
Improve profitability, risk reduction, airline industry, variance analysis
35 - 42
Sara Zorro, Jorge Miguel dos R Silva, Luís Patrão
Aim/Purpose: The general objective of this study is to analyze the relation between flight parameters and cerebral oximetry of the pilot during different flight situations.

Background: Ultralight aviation pilots are exposed to different environmental situations due to the non-pressurized and non-acclimatized nature of the aircraft cabin. In a flying aircraft, any factor responsible for decreased m ...
Ultralight Aviation, Hypoxia, Physiological Parameters, Monitoring System.
43 - 52

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