ICAO Scientific Review: Analytics and Management Research (ceased publication) (AMR)



The ICAO Scientific Reviews on Civil Aviation Analytics and Management is an integrated online platform that fosters and facilitates discussions and the generation of knowledge related to the field of civil aviation. The publication provides an open environment for practitioners, academic institutions, civil aviation authorities and academics alike to exchange information and to collaborate on endeavors related to the development and unity of the aviation industry. In this publication, we discuss the adaptation of new technologies, engage in debates on select topics and conduct research collaborations on systems of knowledge. The mandate of the ICAO Scientific Review is to disseminate quality research, case studies, smart processes/competencies, development of frameworks/collaborations, suggestions of standards and benchmarks, the production of support material for the implementation of Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPs), challenging existing methods, critical evaluations, and any other activities that are related to the continuous synthesis of timely and relevant knowledge.

At the ICAO Scientific Review, we address major issues that are facing the air transport industry today providing practitioners and academics with an international and dynamic forum for the analysis and discussion of these issues. It links research to practice and stimulates interaction between the two domains. The ICAO Scientific Review aims to produce different issues containing research and review articles, case studies, field research, and historical analyses to make a significant and positive contribution in the fields of:

- Artificial Intelligence - Aviation Education                
- Aviation Health and Medicine - Aviation Law
- Data Communication - Data Analytical Infrastructure
- Decision Making & Support Systems - Economics and Finance
- Human Performance - Human Computer Interaction
- Instrument Flight Procedure - Information Management System                      
- Management Information Technology       - Sustainability

Journal issues cover all the major sectors of the industry such as:

- Aerodrome Design and Operation - Aeronautical Information Service
- Air Traffic Control and Management            - Airborne Surveillance
- Airport Airworthiness - Cabin Safety
- Engineering and Maintenance                     - Fatigue & Human condition
- Flight Operations and Recorder - Frequency Spectrum Management
- Management Strategy - Meteorology
- Navigation Systems - Training Technology and Safety Management



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