Informing Faculty (IF)

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The Informing Science Institute has two publications with case studies: the Journal of IT Education: Discussion Cases and Informing Faculty

Informing Faculty (IF) is a repository that publishes discussion case studies about teaching or administrative situations relating to higher education, particularly relevant to faculty workshops and Ph.D. programs. The typical IF case study will feature a faculty member, administrator or student as its protagonist, and will involve a decision that impacts a higher education institution in some way. Many of our Volume 1 cases have involved the application of technology to instruction. This should not be taken as limiting. Case studies involving topics such as new programs, resolving disputes between individuals or academic units, administrative issues or university collaborations with practice would all be welcome. The cases should be open, authentic discussion cases, however, meaning: 1) open: there is normally not one “right” solution, 2) authentic: they are written about real situations (although names of parties and organizations involved may be disguised), and 3) discussion: they are constructed to present the context for a decision that needs to be made and will be the focus of classroom or online discussion.

Originally established in a journal format, in 2007 the decision was made to change the outlet to a repository. Individuals interested in submitting new cases should email Editor-in-Chief Grandon Gill directly.

The Journal of IT Education: Discussion Cases (JITE:DC) is a repository that publishes discussion case studies about situations where information technology plays a significant role. The typical JITE:DC case study will feature a manager, employee, or IT professional and will involve a decision related to IT or where the underlying presence of IT exerts a major influence. Many of our early cases either involved IT technology companies—in which case any type of decision could be the central theme of the case—or non-technology organizations facing an IT decision.


To serve as the principal source of refereed discussion cases that address the challenges faced by faculty members participating in higher education across the globe.


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