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Volume 1, 2017

Agyei Fosu
Aim/Purpose:This paper seeks to show how University of South Africa (UNISA) is using technology to connect lecturers, tutors and students of [UNISA] in an underdeveloped region in South Africa (SA) to reduce cost and time of travelling to access information, tutorials and help [available] in designated centers, hence making quality and higher education more accessible and less costly.
Background ...
Development, Higher education, Technology,
1 - 11
Steven J Clarke, Mohammadreza Akbari, Shaghayegh Maleki Far
Aim/Purpose : This paper is a review of the progress of the Vietnam socio-economic and development plan and an assessment of the extent to which Vietnam is putting in place the critical social and economic development structures that will enable it to reach the status of “developed nation” in the time set (2020) by its national strategic plan. The research will identify and review trade ...
Developing nation, trade, terms, patterns, preferences, development and policy, foreign aid, import substitution, and export-led growth
13 - 37
Majo George, Elsa Cherian
Aim/Purpose: This research paper attempts to deeply and rationally probe into the present situation, discussing the expected role of the Spices Board of India, which in 1987 started to function replacing the erstwhile Cardamom Board, where the focus was only on the Cardamom plantation sector and export development.

Background: Cardamom, the “Queen of Spices” is the third most expensive of the s ...
Global marketing, producers, spice board, India
39 - 61
Agyei Fosu
Aim/Purpose: The main aim of the study is to identify some of the barriers to the integration of technology into the teaching of mathematics in high schools.

Background: Writing on chalkboards as a method of transferring knowledge is a key fea-ture of traditional approach to teaching may have been successful in the past, but the minds of the current generation vary from those of the previous gen ...
Mathematics teachers, technological skills, training.
63 - 71

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