International Journal of Community Development and Management Studies (IJCDMS)



Recent minority groups, rather than the descendants of past, create the conditions for a more dynamic social and economic environment. This effect is most clearly substantiated in terms of practical value, non-linear degrees of change and uncertainty, knowledge-intensive start-ups within the emerging area and complex uncertain environments. The scholars and practitioners are invited to present their theories, frameworks, and complex systems approach to understanding sociocultural, environmental, and economic development forces at work  in the range of diverse uncertain environments. The Journal hopes to induce a continuing flow of inter-disciplinary approaches and studies of the role of cultural diversity and social development in complex communities and societies. 


The mission of “International Journal of Community Development and Management Studies (IJCDMS)” is to provide a global platform for discussing and searching for the best methods/approaches for solving the problems of regional, national and global societies, with attention to the participation of cultural minorities and ethnic communities; finding novel ways to overcome gaps in ingenuity resulting from the accelerating rate of social, economic and environmental changes in global and regional spaces.  In particular, faced with  the rapid and unpredictable change in the world’s environments and socio-economic landscapes, it wishes to discuss how best  to  solve the problems arising from the increasing complexities and uncertainties introduced to the decision making matrices at the private, public  and civic spheres; and more generally  in the knowledge and belief spaces.

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