International Journal of Doctoral Studies (IJDS)

Online ISSN: 1556-8873  •  Print ISSN: 1556-8881

Message from Editor in Chief

IJDS is a vehicle for doctoral educators, administrators and students to share research, knowledge and experience on subjects and issues resonant with doctoral students and their developmental journey.

Submissions may include discussions on tools and techniques which may assist students in their understanding of the doctoral process, and similarly, experiences and revelations which may assist faculty in their administration of the doctoral process and management of doctoral students.

Previous topics published include the following:

  • Institutional support practices and school leadership
  • Progress of students through their doctorate
  • PhD Research culture including: communities of practice and inquiry; discussions on discourse and diffusion; research ecology; and, reflective practice
  • Supervisor Responsibilities: (including mentoring)
  • Issues around academic writing
  • Attrition and/or persistence in the PhD program
  • Students feelings and experiences with Isolation, integration and socialisation
  • The student experience and the PhD journey
  • Mode of Study including: Professional Doctorate; by publication; monograph; Part/Full time study
  • Publication Issues: (journal selection/submission; publishing process)
  • Research design issues: theory and/or method selection
  • Motives for doctoral study
  • Issues around student rights and equity
  • Admission into doctoral programmes
  • Language issues includng: ESL and Linguistics)
  • Doctoral program design issues

 Reviews of books relevant to Doctoral Studies are also welcome.


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