Interdisciplinary Journal of e-Skills and Lifelong Learning (IJELL)

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Message from Editor in Chief

The rapid development of IT and other applied technologies make is a must to introduce their utilization to adults wishing to renew, change or upgrade their skills through the use of contemporary technologies. The Interdisciplinary Journal of E-Skills and Lifelong Learning (IJELL) is a scholarly forum for those wishing to explore and advance aspects of e-skills for the lifelong learners. E-skills and lifelong learning may be attended in two facets: articles can exhibit how current e-skills and related technologies can contribute to improve and upgrade lifelong learning programs; articles can delineate new approaches and technologies that can be exploited for lifelong learning. The journal publishes empirical, conceptual and theoretical papers that make a pedagogical and methodological contribution with the use of ICT and other contemporary technologies into service delivery, business efficiency, entrepreneurship, and education. We believe that sharing ideas and views from diverse communities, fields and epistemologies provides alternative perspectives and suggest novel solutions.

We provide authors with useful, timely feedback by making the review process constructive. As part of the Informing Science Institute (ISI) community that is made up of nearly 5000 people who are contributing to the field of informing science as researchers and reviewers we are committed to publishing high quality research by providing its community with the tools and knowledge needed to reach both professional and research.

As a peer-reviewed journal publisher, we also want to expand our Editorial Board and reviewer team members. If you are willing to turn around reviews quickly and wish to join our International Board of Reviewers, please go to


Fay Sudweeks, Editor-in-Chief      

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