ICAO Scientific Reviews on Civil Aviation Strategy and Change (ISRCASC)



The ICAO Scientific Reviews on Civil Aviation Strategy and Change (ISRCASC) offers rigorous and systematic outlet designed to continue the contribution to the Civil Aviation body of knowledge and to assist and facilitate with its global development. The scientific review wishes to publish papers that offer analysis and discussion on the various philosophies and practices which underpin the fast evolving pace of civil aviation change industry. Focus on change is of utmost importance due to the impact that the civil aviation world is making globally on countries, industries and people. We therefore aim to participate in building a more promising future for the societies and civil organizations of tomorrow.

Published online, the ISRCASC presents a forum for researchers, practitioners, and students with various techniques, tools, and methods from a variety of civil aviation sub-disciplines. the ISRCASC promotes the sharing of ideas for emerging technologies, information, knowledge and systems with the aim of understanding their impact on businesses, society, governments and all stakeholders in the civil aviation sector.

The ICAO Scientific Reviews on Civil Aviation Strategy and Change (ISRCASC) provides a platform for researchers, academicians, professionals, practitioners and students to impart and share knowledge in the form of high quality empirical, theoretical, case studies, tutorials, brief reports, literature, technical notes, and all other types of reviews (books, software, technologies, processes, etc...).

The ISRCASC welcomes and acknowledges high quality contributions from all stakeholders and interested researchers/practitioners from all over the world.


The mission of the ICAO Scientific Reviews on Civil Aviation Strategy and Change (ISRCASC) is to continuously explore and challenge civil aviation practices; to foster and facilitate an engaging atmosphere in relevant scientific discussions; and to connect the Civil Aviation community worldwide to contribute for its safe and secure evolution and adaptation (transition and change) towards uniting aviation. The journal promotes research on various issues of civil aviation engagement as an integrated platform for researchers, scholars, academic institutions, governments, civil aviation authorities, and practitioners in general.

The ISRCASC achieves its mission through its role as a vehicle to disseminate quality research, cases, smart processes and competencies, development of frameworks, and collaborations, suggesting standards and benchmarks worldwide, support material for the implementation of Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPs), challenging methods, critical evaluations, and all other activities related to the continuous synthesis of timely and relevant knowledge.


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