Informing Science: The International Journal of an Emerging Transdiscipline (InformingSciJ)

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To paraphrase computing pioneer Grace Hopper, "it was no use trying to do something unless can inform others.” The focus of the journal is finding better ways to inform. The journal approaches informing as a transdisciplinary endeavor.

What is the transdiscipline of Informing Science?

What is Informing Science: here is an hour-long video introduction by Prof. T. Grandon Gill, and two books that are available online for free viewing and downloading of their PDFs:

Lastly, in 2009 I wrote the paper A Philosophy of Informing Science.

What is the journal Informing Science? 

The journal Informing Science: the international journal of an emerging transdiscipline especially welcomes papers that bring together and cross the research heritage and epistemologies on finding better ways to inform from diverse fields including technology, psychology, brain science, information science, and other diverse disciplines and the application of these ways to finding better ways to inform to client disciplines such as health care, government, and education. The journal welcomes conceptual, theoretical and empirical contributions. The ideal paper builds on existing research not only in the author's own discipline but also from the transdiscipline of Informing Science.

All submissions and reviewing is done online using the Informing Science Institute Paper Review System. Manuscripts are submitted online and reviewed electronically using our article submission management system. For this reason, all authors and co-authors need to obtain an ISI colleague account, available at .

We provide our published authors with the widespread readership that comes from publishing all articles online within a few weeks of acceptance. This approach ensures that published works are read and cited by the widest possible audience.


Informing Science: the International Journal of an Emerging Transdiscipline is the principal channel for sharing knowledge about and encouraging interest in informing across a diverse body of researchers drawn from many disciplines and nations.

The academically peer refereed journal Informing Science endeavors to provide an understanding of the complexities in informing clientele. Fields from information systems, library science, journalism in all its forms to education all contribute to this science. These fields, which developed independently and have been researched in separate disciplines, are evolving to form a new transdiscipline, Informing Science.

Informing Science publishes articles that provide insights into the nature, function and design of systems that inform clients. Authors may use epistemologies from engineering, computer science, education, psychology, business, anthropology, and such. The ideal paper will serve to inform fellow researchers, perhaps from other fields, of contributions to this area.

We have placed a copy of the Informing Science Institute Policy on Professional Ethics here.


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