Journal of Information Technology Education: Discussion Cases (JITE: DC)

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The Journal of Information Technology Education: Discussion Cases (JITE:DC) is a peer-reviewed journal that publishes discussion case studies about situations whre information technology plays a significant role. 

JITE:DC cases should be open, authentic discussion cases, meaning: 1) open: there is normally not one “right” solution, 2) authentic: they are written about real situations (although names of parties and organizations involved may be disguised), and 3) discussion: they are constructed to present the context for a decision that needs to be made and will be the focus of classroom or online discussion.


Recent Articles

Grandon Gill, Bernardo Rodrigues
Kevin A. Johnston, Grandon Gill
Marc Thomas, Jean-Paul Van Belle
Robert W Hammond
Utkarsh Shrivastava, Taufeeq Mohammed


Grandon Gill
Editor in Chief

The JITE Discussion Cases (JITE-DC)journal/repository is intended to be an outlet for discussion cases unlike any other in the world. The scope of the objective is captured in the mission statement: “to promote the development and use of discussion cases for MIS, IT and Informing Science education.” Behind this specific mission is a key belief: that the case method needs to be promoted. Such a need exists only to the extent that the benefits of the case method can be substantia ...


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