Journal of Information Technology Education: Research (JITE:Research)

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All articles of this journal, whether published in the past or future, are licensed to you under a Creative Commons By-NC license, and copyright to articles is returned and retained by their respective authors.

The journal is published by the Informing Science Institute, a 501(c)3 charitable association under USA tax laws, registered in the State of California, United States of America.


The Journal of Information Technology Education: Research (JITE: Research) is a peer-reviewed journal that publishes scholarly articles on the use of information technology in education. 

This includes using technology to enhance learning, to support teaching and teaching administration. In addition, articles with a sound underpinning of pedagogical principles on the teaching of information technology are also welcome. The journal publishes conceptual, theoretical and empirical papers.

All manuscripts are submitted and reviewed electronically.  We provide our published authors with both a quality print publication and the widespread readership that comes from publishing all articles online within a few weeks of acceptance. This approach ensures that published works are read and cited by the widest possible audience.


Recent Articles

Wan Yee Winsy Lai, Chao Yang, Samuel Kai Wah Chu
Rosario Arroyo González, Eric Fernández-Lancho, Javier de la Hoz-Ruiz
Christopher Cheong
Stefan Cronholm
Sultan Alshammari


Christopher Cheong
Editor in Chief

Jo Coldwell-Neilson
Associate Editor in Chief

Tian Luo
Associate Editor in Chief

Dr Kathryn MacCallum
Associate Editor in Chief

Anthony Scime
Associate Editor in Chief

The Journal of Information Technology Education: Research is a scholarly forum for those wishing to explore and advance all aspects of education through the considered and appropriate application of information technology. We believe that sharing ideas and views from diverse communities, fields and epistemologies provides alternative perspectives and suggest novel solutions.We provide authors with both rapid turnaround and collegial mentoring.  With more than 20 editors from 17 countries on ...


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