Journal for the Study of Postsecondary and Tertiary Education (JSPTE)

Online ISSN: 2378-5500  •  Print ISSN: 2378-5497


The Journal for the Study of Postsecondary and Tertiary Education (JSPTE) is a peer-reviewed, open access, international journal that provides a forum around issues related to the advancement of the field broadly as well as graduate preparation programs in particular.   Each issue will include four types of manuscripts: 1) Original research based on quantitative, qualitative, mixed methods, or historical methodologies (word limit: 9,000); 2) Opinion and rapid response essays offering commentary on higher and tertiary education as field of study  (word limit: 2,000); 3) International forum consisting of short submissions from program leaders on promising practices, developments, or changes currently underway internationally in higher and postsecondary education graduate programs (word limit: 500); and 4) Book/policy reviews focused on contemporary publications with direct relevance to the field (word limit: 5,000).  

The JSPTE seeks submissions of each type of manuscript described above.  Topics might include but are not limited to the following:

  • The professional and/or academic knowledge base of higher and postsecondary education
  • Internationalization of higher and postsecondary education as a field of study
  • Models for organizing and administering higher and postsecondary education programs, departments, institutes, or centers
  • Curricular designs for master’s and/or doctoral (Ed.D, PhD) degrees or certificate /non-degree/continuing education programs
  • Effective pedagogical practices
  • Diversity and multiculturalism within the curriculum
  • Defining, measuring, and ensuring degree quality
  • Student, new professional, and/or faculty socialization to the field
  • Graduate outcomes and careers
  • Faculty preparation, experiences, and careers
  • The history of the field and/or its sub-specializations
  • Ethical considerations specific to the study and practice of higher and postsecondary education

All submissions must be original and follow APA style guidelines.

There is no cost to authors to submit or publish articles in JSPTE.

The Journal’s editor-in-chief is Sydney Freeman, Jr.  Its editorial board is comprised of Crystal Chambers, Terhi Nokkala, Jessica Samuels, Brandon Wolfe, and Patricia Somers, and its advisory board includes Gloria Crisp, Linda Hagedorn, Glen Jones, Mary Howard-Hamilton, Joshua Powers, and Dianne Wright. 

Potential Topics in The Journal for the Study of Postsecondary and Tertiary Education : The journal publishes applied scholarship-addressing issues in higher education as a field of study and its preparation programs such as:

  • Diversity and multiculturalism
  • Internationalization
  • Public policy
  • Student affairs
  • Organization, administration and leadership
  • The professional knowledge base of the field
  • Degree quality
  • Master’s and Doctoral level preparation
  • Certificate /non-degree/continuing education programs
  • Graduate outcomes and careers
  • Effective pedagogical practices
  • Faculty experiences
  • History
  • Ethics and the future direction of the field

The ideal articles are written by faculty, practitioners, and graduate students affiliated within the field of higher education. The focus of submissions center on topics that investigate issues, such as the history, current status, and future direction of the field and the advancement of its preparation programs. Submissions that focus on issues related to curriculum, student learning outcomes, career preparation, advancing scholarship, and lines of inquiry and theories as applied to the higher education context are welcomed. Scholarship that includes international implications are appreciated. Manuscripts will be expected to conform to the most recent APA style standards and be written in American or U.K. English.


The purpose of this online open access journal is to provide a forum for discussion of the various issues related to the advancement of the field of higher and postsecondary education and higher education preparation programs in particular. Advancing the scholarship about the field of higher education along with increasing the stature of its graduate preparation programs through this venue are important goals. The journal includes conversations related to the enhancement of its sub-specializations, such as higher education leadership and administration, student affairs administration, international higher education, and community college administration. The journal will advance the field by disseminating pertinent scholarship through peer-reviewed articles, essays, reviews thought pieces and research findings, and by emphasizing systematic inquiry-both qualitative and quantitative-and practical implications.


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