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Over the past 120 years the field of higher and postsecondary education has grown to include approximately 300 graduate programs globally. Higher and postsecondary education is a multidisciplinary field of study with a broad range of specializations, preparing graduates for a diverse range of career paths. The field draws from various disciplines across the social sciences and the humanities. And sub-specializations in areas such as higher education leadership and administration, student affairs administration, business affairs, international higher education, and community college administration have grown within this multidisciplinary field of study.


Recent Articles

Elizabeth K Niehaus, Jillian Reading, Crystal E Garcia
Genia M. Bettencourt, Victoria K. Malaney, Caitlin J. Kidder, Chrystal A. George Mwangi
Ramona Meraz Lewis, Ginny Jones Boss, Ayanna T. McConnell
Caroline S. Turner
Susan K. Gardner, Amy Blackstone

Editorial Board

Sydney Freeman Jr.
Senior Editor in Chief

Crystal R Chambers
Editor in Chief

Jessica L Samuels
Associate Editor in Chief

The Journal for the Study of Postsecondary and Tertiary Education (JSPTE) is a scholarly journal for those wishing to explore the various issues related to the advancement of the field of higher and postsecondary education and higher education preparation programs in particular. The Journal provides the following options as ways to publish:  journal articles; opinion and rapid response essays on international higher and tertiary education and its implications for the field of stu ...


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