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Volume 2, 2017

It was late on a Friday afternoon. The ReliaQuest Security Operations Center was busy as usual, but nothing was out of the ordinary. ReliaQuest Chief Technology Officer, Joe Partlow, was in his office working on a new technology innovation when his cell phone rang. It was the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) for ABC Company, one of ReliaQuest’s clients–a company with millions of customers ...
bitcoin, cybersecurity, dark web, hacking, ransomware, security services
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Ricardo Lasa, CEO and co-founder of SiteWit Corporation, was always chastising his technical team that the “biggest risk facing the company is the engine.” SiteWit provided cross-platform services aimed at helping small (or even medium-sized) business customers effectively advertise on search engines like Google (AdWords) and Bing (adCenter), as well as other online social networking or display ad ...
Analytics, database, Hadoop, MongoDB, NoSQL, SQL
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ABC Insurance was a leading short-term insurer in South Africa. The FSB (Financial Services Board) of South Africa defined short term insurance cover as indemnification secured by the insurance purchaser over their fixed and movable assets (FSB, n.d.). Such insurable assets could be one’s home (the actual building) or motor vehicle ( The purchased insurance cover protected t ...
insurance, Make-or-Buy, Mobile App, South Africa
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Dr. Leonid Perlovsky, distinguished physicist and cognitive scientist, pondered this question, which could have a significant impact on his research direction in the years to come. Over the past few decades, he had developed and refined algorithms for distinguishing objects in images, an approach that had found its way into various classified U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) applications. Now he w ...
cybersecurity, detect, dynamic logic, machine learning, malware, unsupervised
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Joseph Bromer, Head of IT Solutions Delivery at LifeInsure Emerging Markets, deliberated on a challenge that he had just been given. TIBCO, a vendor supporting ObjectStar, notified LifeInsure that support for the application would cease at the end of 2017. ObjectStar was the Product Administration System (PAS) system used by LifeInsure. The ObjectStar platform was called Alpha and was used in over ...
information technology, life insurance, product administration system, South Africa
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Dr. T. Grandon Gill, a Professor in the Information Systems and Decision Sciences Department at the University of South Florida, was traveling with his family in England when he received a strange phone message. Not being able to respond, he ignored it until—a couple of days later—he was notified that access to his personal website had been suspended (see Exhibit 1). had, once again, b ...
cybersecurity, defacement, hacking, malware, PayPal, phishing
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Jay Hoecker
After 28 years of public service, the Information Technology Bureau Chief for the Southwest Florida Water Management District (SWFWMD), Dr. Steven Dicks, was still passionate about serving the public. By first focusing on the needs of people in the District, Dr. Dicks was able to objectively observe the many aspects of operations for which he was responsible. His observations led him to believe th ...
cloud, enterprise data management, models, SWFWMD, water management
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Josef Langerman, Head of IT Transformation for Standard Bank, reflected on the extraordinary transformation that his organization’s IT group had recently experienced. Over the past three years, Standard Bank’s IT group had changed from the relatively well accepted systems development lifecycle/waterfall model to a revolutionary large scale agile approach. The results had been gratifying. But it le ...
Agile Programming, Banking, Organizational Transformation, Scrum, South Africa
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Mark Dumas, a Systems Specialist at a Telecommunications Company located in South Africa needed to make decisions regarding the current virtualized infrastructure platform. These decisions also involved the renewal of hardware that had reached the end of its maintenance period and the latest virtualization platform software. Dumas further needed to formulate a plan to ensure that there was enough ...
information technology, mobile, South Africa, telecommunications, virtualization
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Grandon Gill, Academic Director of the Doctorate of Business Administration Program (DBA) at the University of South Florida’s (USF) Muma College of Business pondered the email he had just sent to Moez Limayem, the dean of the college (see Exhibit 1). In that email, he had raised the possibility of developing a version of the college’s highly successful DBA program specifically targeting cybersecu ...
business research, cybersecurity, DBA, doctoral education, executive education
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Troy Montgomery
Determining how a corporate real estate organization estimates its project costs is a big decision that impacts budgets, customers, and the bottom line. Our next management meeting is only a few days away. What recommendations should we make for improvement of cost estimating?

Troy Montgomery, a consultant at Humana in April of 2015, was tasked with providing leaders of Humana’s corporate real ...
Project Management, Cost Estimating, Healthcare
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Robert W Hammond
This case, based on actual events that took place in mobile industry, describes a complex decision about product priority and sales training in a complex landscape. Rob Hammond, product executive at Syniverse Technologies, needed to decide whether to grow revenues by focusing the sales force on selling an existing product, SMS Application to Peer Text Messaging, in new markets or investing in the ...
Sales, Innovation Diffusion, Motivation, Organization Change, Training, Change Management, Management, Practical Innovation
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Volume 1, 2016

Grandon Gill
David Rohret, the founder of the Joint Vulnerability Assessment Branch (JVAB) pondered this difficult question. Since 2003, he had been involved in building a team that was uniquely positioned to identify a wide range of vulnerabilities in military and commercial communications and web-based systems. He could cite numerous examples of past situations where the early use of JVAB’s services led to, ...
cybersecurity, information systems
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Grandon Gill, Joni Jones
Jeffrey Stiles pondered these seemingly straightforward questions. As IT Director of Jagged Peak, Inc., a developer of e-commerce solutions located in the Tampa Bay region of Florida, it would be his responsibility to oversee the implementation of security measures that went beyond the existing user name and password currently required for each user. Recent events suggested that a move towards inc ...
cybersecurity, authentication, logistics
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Christopher C Olson
“Now what?” Ken pondered as he stared out the window on his flight back from Phoenix having just closed on the acquisition of a 20-unit restaurant company: The Good Egg. Ken Pendery, the CEO of the First Watch restaurant chain for the last 30 years, had just recently grown the company by 20% in one fell swoop. But what was he to do with these Arizona restaurants located more than 1,000 miles from ...
resturant, acquisition, branding, franchising
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Justin Hurd, a regional manager for Marten Transport, Ltd. (Marten), hung up the phone feeling frustrated following a call with his Division VP. The mandate he received was simple--improve operational efficiencies and reduce operational costs. Justin saw his company do amazing things. He saw the company thrive by delivering loads quickly, efficiently and accurately to its customers. They always ma ...
Analytics, Case, Information Systems, Operations, Small Business, big data, logistics, operations, trucking
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One night in 2014, Mike, the head manager of Mellow Mushroom Tampa, paused from his exhausting evening to stare at the paper schedule posted on the wall. The schedule was covered in a mess of writing from employees drawing arrows to swap shifts, or asking others to pick up shifts. He had always tried to accommodate people’s schedules, but the task was becoming stressful and exasperating. That nigh ...
Information Systems, Management, Small Business, franchise, restaurant, scheduling, service business
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Grandon Gill
Grandon Gill, Professor and Academic Director of the Doctor of Business Administration program at the Muma College of Business (MCOB) of the University of South Florida, pondered the question. A few months before, he had volunteered to take on the creation of two open access journals, to be called the Muma Case Review (MCR) and the Muma Business Review (MBR). The first of these would publish busin ...
cybersecurity, open access
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The sun set on another long day at the headquarters of ReliaQuest where Brian Murphy leaned back in his chair and exhaled deeply as he considered the cyber security breaches that had consumed the media in recent weeks. Retail giants like Target, Lowe’s and Home Depot had fallen victim to serious data breaches. He pondered how his company, ReliaQuest, could make a difference in a world saturated wi ...
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Steve Oscher
Calvin T. Jones, DMD slammed the door to his office, walked to his desk, and glared at the diplomas on his wall. UNC at Chapel Hill (Magna Cum Laude), University of Florida (Doctor of Dentistry), all those awards for service and achievement. So perfect, and yet he could my career have fallen into total chaos? As Calvin reached for his bottle of Tums, he reflected on the events t ...
partner dispute, conflict resolution, employee loyalty, equity opportunity
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Janene J Culumber
Mark Hulse, Chief Information Officer at Moffitt Cancer Center wondered out loud as he stared at the results of the survey used to determine organizational readiness for change. Much about this implementation seemed to be different from his prior experiences: the academic setting, the physician led leadership structure, the regulatory requirements driving change, and the government incentives to r ...
Information Systems, Non Profit, emr, implementation, medicine, project management
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Shane Collier
Shane Collier, founder of Consolidated Reality, LLC (CReal) considered this proposition as he contemplated a potential venture with Beyond the Psy (BtP) which involved moving high-value, sensitive content to the cloud. With an extensive technical and business background, he grew to appreciate the value of cloud computing, along with its impact on business. To be leveraged correctly, you had to do ...
cybersecurity, cloud, small business
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Chris Milan, Managing Director of Southeastern Region at Tribridge, Inc., was drumming away at the annual “Connect” conference with the company band called “The Bridge.” He enjoyed seeing everyone dancing, laughing, and jamming out to the music and making new friends with coworkers. Tribridge had quickly grown over fifteen years to more than 600 employees with most deployed to customer sites aroun ...
Analytics, Information Systems, Small Business, big data, enterprise social networks, social networking
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Gilbert Gonzalez
Gilbert Gonzalez, founder and CEO of Mission Critical Solutions (MCS), was reflecting on the path forward for his company. MCS maintained and updated a five-year strategic plan each year since its inception in 1990. In the early years, the strategic plan focused on the key strategic factors (KSFs) and resulted in a narrow mission. Year after year, that focus on the KSFs was rewarded by the market. ...
Information Systems, Management, Small Business
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Manish Agrawal, Shivendu Shivendu
Alex Campoe, Director for Information Security at the University of South Florida, had just come out from a meeting with the CIO of the University, and this thought summed up the CIO’s opinion. While Alex had heard of the term cyber insurance, this was the first time he had actually been compelled to think seriously about it. Until now, he had not considered the possibility that he might actually ...
cybersecurity, insurance
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