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Volume 8, 2023

Michael j Provitera, Mostafa Sayyadi
Jackson Breaks is a young, up and coming executive, sometimes referred to as a “YUPPY.” He is happy and content working for an Investment Bank in Manhattan, New York, USA. COVID-19 was basically coming to an end with variants and some people still being challenged by the epidemic. With COVID-19 subsiding, Jack got a phone call that would change may be an opportunity of a lifetime. It was not until ...
Decision Making, Leadership Traits, Charismatic Leader, Personal Career Strategy, Transactional Leadership, Personal Action Plan
1 - 7
NATHAN A PELL, Pilip Haurysheu, Marissa N Shearer, Christopher Streich, Kevin D Thomas, Jerret Giammichele
Bill Lumbergh, the Sr. Director of Product Strategy for Initech, peered through the window in his office after finishing a design review meeting for the latest release of the company’s flagship software TPS SOLUTION. During this meeting, major product issues were revealed which could put the reputation of Initech at risk and, potentially, harm patients receiving radiation therapy. Bill and his sof ...
Software Development, Business Issues
1 - 14
Bryan D Berthot
This case study focuses on the transitional challenges of a family-owned business, including generational transfer of ownership, succession planning, bridge leadership during a crisis, and possible external acquisition of the business. The focus is on a family-owned plumbing company and its struggles to survive a generational transition and competition within the U. S. residential services indust ...
bridge leadership; Family-owned business; generational transfer of ownership; leadership; succession planning; SWOT analysis
1 - 14
Krunal Patel, Rahil H Ismail, Naomi Kent, Robert A Stanley, Christopher Purcell, Todd McNally
The house shook when lightning cracked nearby. John Kroeker’s power flickered, but his mind stayed at ease. His electronics had remained on and functional. Kroeker led the Surge Division at Schneider Electric (SE), so was confident his house was protected from electrical surges like that thunderous lightning strike. While surges may be random and infrequent, they could cause harsh electrical envir ...
Power Grid, Smart Home Technology, Surge Protector
1 - 17
Garrett Bridenbaugh, Daniel Bellinger, Jay Stratton, Soujanya Nomula Nomula, Eric Pandorf, Ajay Sikha
A case study of market segmentation in a to grow profits at Cask, a digital communications technology corporation. The case breaks down the tough decision to further segment the company's customer markets and the potential effects on the sales team.
Market segmentation, sales, digital communications, technology
1 - 20
Juan Manuel Harraca
Only two years after Klare market launch in April 2020, immersed in mandatory lockdowns due to the quarantines imposed at the very beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, Nicolas Pavez needed to make relevant decisions regarding the future of the business, with mixed-feelings regarding the recent decision of both his co-founders about leaving the firm to pursue new career challenges. With the premise ...
Marketing strategy, New product development, Value proposition, Digital, Insurance
1 - 20
Bruce T Griffin, Dahlen Stoddard, Abhimanyu Prabhune, ISAAC BENJAMIN, Charles W Duke
This case study explores the pros and cons of remote work versus non-remote work. The shift towards remote work has been accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic, and many companies are considering whether to continue offering remote work options in the post-pandemic world. The case study examines the advantages and disadvantages of remote work, including increased flexibility, reduced commute times, ...
Remote work, Work from home, In Person Work
1 - 22
Krithika N Kodumudi, Justin L Roberts, Heath H Campbell, Adelajda Mustafaraj, James Wilkendorf
Cell therapy process development is an important area of focus for the biotherapeutics industry, as it involves the development of complex and novel therapies that have the potential to treat a range of diseases. There are several key issues that the industry faces in the process of developing cell therapies that include scalability, process reproducibility, labor intensive process, regulatory com ...
Process development, cell therapy, technology, manufacturing, FDA, cancer, Immuno-Oncology
1 - 23
Martin B Richman, William Brezina, Greg M Pawlowski, Robert Newton, LaToya Lemons
Ben Hom sat at his desk at McKibbon Hospitality’s Tampa corporate office. He waited for his meeting with the Regional Vice President of Operations (RVPO), who oversaw the Tampa market to discuss the 2023 budget for his 10 hotels. The RVPO feared that staffing shortages and labor costs would wreck his budgets again, as they had in 2022. Hom knew that labor costs were the second most significant var ...
Hospitality, Great Resignation, Covid 19, Management, Labor
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Volume 7, 2022

Diane Kutz
In August 2018, the Plant Manager of a TASUS manufacturing facility in rural Florence, Alabama, confronts a human resource management challenge: How to recruit and retain employees with needed skills, given low unemployment both locally and nationwide as well as increased competition from manufacturers who recently moved into Northwest Alabama?

The TASUS plant managers are proud of its family- ...
Human resources, war for talent, hiring
1 - 12
ChienChing Lee, Emily Woo, Greg Yap
Singapore has won many accolades as a Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Exhibitions (MICE) destination for 17 years in the Asia Pacific, with the industry having a projected market value of USD5,214.0 by end 2027, with a CAGR of 8.4% (PRNewswire, 2020).

Eyeing this huge growth potential, Greg founded TAB Group Pte Ltd in 2019, serving the corporate and private events market. Greg wanted to ...
Events planning, experience economy, Covid-19, vision, survival
1 - 13
Jernard Woodard, Paula M Durspek, Rich Mauro, Archie Eugene Hill, George Makdisi
Christine Busby stood in her office and stared at a blank whiteboard. She asked herself, “Where do I start?" with a marker in hand. Christine had a front-row seat in changing how the skilled nursing facility (SNF) industry does business. There were several complicated factors, multiple rules and regulations to navigate, little money, and no time to execute this colossal change. To add to the stres ...
Healthcare, Nursing, Lobbying, Legislation, Vaccines, Costs
1 - 15
Matthew Jackson, Michael Ens, Nichole Solomon, Ashley A Schultz
The Department of Children and Families has reviewed a Technology solution that should meet most of their needs for improved client service and asset management. The protagonist, Brad Frearson, is carefully reviewing his plan and the outcomes of each for the SunCoast region.
DCF, Microsoft Endpoint Manager
1 - 18
Michael J Melone, asmita mishra, Leo P Rogers, AMARELA PEQINI, Josh Felperin A USF
This article analyzes a situation encountered by eParts Services, a web portal provider, when looking to expand into the European market. It focuses on the challenges involved in meeting GDPR regulation and proposes a variety of approaches on how they could meet regulatory needs.
eParts Services privacy GDPR globalization
1 - 19
James O Chestnut, Lydia Howard, Robert Giles, Rajiv R Patel
Connected Communities: Was there worth in smart home technology in an apartment community?
Should Mosaic Development add smart home technology in their multi-family developments?
This was the question that Marc Mariano, development partner at Mosaic Development, pondered as he struggled to decide if he should install smart home technology in his latest multi-family project.
Mariano understood ...
Smart technology, multi-family, real estate development
1 - 21
Iya Mokube, Shane M Davis, mohamad eid, Donald Shiflet
Randy Koubek, Allbridge's CFO, had an AR problem. He couldn’t help but wonder if the AR situation was the main problem, or if it was symptomatic of a deeper issue. Was it primarily an internal problem, where the existing AR department could benefit from more focused training? Did Allbridge need to implement new technology and/or processes to improve current debt collection practices? Were there un ...
Allbridge, Accounts Receivable, Tesoro, Hospitality, Audio Visual
1 - 21
Andy J Hafer
Dynamic Communities was a company that forms and administers Software User Groups. Each group had a thriving membership which shared knowledge and information among each constituent in the community. Active participation by employees of member companies led to stronger competency in the software and eventually higher return on software investment for their employer. Programs and features of mem ...
Strategy, Pricing, Product features, Product Mix, Training, Software, User Group, Microsoft
1 - 27
Richard Will, Ronald K. Satterfield, Rick Skaggs
The University of South Florida Federal Credit Union deploys a strategic planning process which includes a separate “governance only” planning session prior to a joint leadership and governance planning session. This case study presents the material used for the 2021 annual volunteer only planning session. Using the discussion case method, the volunteers decide which strategic directives should b ...
strategic planning, leadership, board governance
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Volume 6, 2021

Dr. Valeria Garcia, AVP for the Office of Decision Support (ODS), at the University of South Florida (USF), a member of the Academic Affairs leadership team and has been involved in academic and student success continuation planning. Dr. Garcia was on track with scheduled planning for the 2020-21 Academic Year as her team of analysts prepare analyses, dashboards, and other analytical materials for ...
COVID-19, Data Governance, Academia, Data Analysis and Reporting, Student Success
1 - 14
ChienChing Lee, Christina Lam
Hotel A served the boutique hotel segment. Rather than focusing on market segments in Singapore’s hotel chain scale system, the management decided to offer guests an affordable luxury experience via excellent personalized service while capitalizing on the rich and authentic cultural heritage that the hotel offered in terms of history and design. Although Hotel A had won the Best Hotel Service awar ...
Authentic hospitality, boutique hotel, affordable luxury, service quality, brand equity, covid
1 - 15
Cindy H Thompson
The national university of Belize was forced to close its door on March 20, 2020, due to the deadly pandemic, COVID-19. Its president, Professor Clement Sankat was faced with the challenging decision of how to meet the goals of the university via an electronic means. He worked several years as an administrator at the University of the West Indies and at the time of the pandemic three years at th ...
COVID-19, Belize, Higher Education, University
1 - 15
Angie Payne
In early January of 2020, the world became aware of a new coronavirus, now named COVID-19, rapidly spreading throughout Wuhan China. As the events of this deadly virus in China played out on the evening news, conversations started about the impending Chinese New Year. As a tradition, China shuts down all nonessential work for several weeks to celebrate the Chinese New Year, which gives families in ...
COVID-19, Pandemic, Fire Rescue, Global Event
1 - 17
Conor M Dowling, Matthew Mullarkey, Siobhán Clarke
“As a Smart City district evolves, and its success as a business location of choice grows, we need to ensure that mobility challenges are addressed for all communities. Smart technologies are a major factor.” – Ronan Herron
Ronan Herron had recently been appointed the Smart Dublin Coordinator with responsibility for Smart Sandyford and was travelling to its launch on the modern Luas light rail sy ...
Smart Dublin, Management, Smart Cities, Mobility, Smart Sandyford, District, Ireland
1 - 18
Neeraj Gulati, Erik S Rauch, Alton Doe, John Fields
Brad McIntire, President of Conserv Building Services, sat in his office, wondering if it was time to retire. Once again, Technology, his nemesis, had derailed his organization and brought it to a standstill. Brad was thinking, "I think these I.T. guys are literally going to be the death of me."
The issue faced by Brad and Conserv Building Services started with a bug in the mobile device manageme ...
MDM, IT,Disaster Recovery, Industry, Technology,Testing,Business Continuity, Construction
1 - 18
Jacqueline Skryd
COVID-19 changed so much for higher education. Traditional classrooms were vacant. They remained vacant for months. St. Petersburg College was just one of many institutions that grappled with swift and critical decisions to go online and what the environment would be for coming back. With nearly 47,000 students and 2,800 faculty and staff to consider, it was no small feat to accomplish. Budget con ...
COVID-19, employment, college, resource dependency, higher education, budget
1 - 19
Chadwick Anast, Melissa Smith, Stacie Varney Varney, Michael M. McClendon II, Russell Nelson
MAVNS, a successful construction company, has been staying ahead of the innovation curve as it relates to construction technology and site development over the past few decades. However, stagnation in the evolution of its employee time keeping processes has created a snowball effect of other issues that are ultimately costing profitability and significant competitive advantage. Determining a way o ...
process improvement, technology, efficiency, software integration, profitability
1 - 19
KRISTIAAN GAINES, Chase Dafnis, Deva Boone, Daniel E Kiger, jeremy Bess
In today's competitive market, companies must rely on technology to scale the business and operate efficiently
Ticketing System, GCI, Global Convergence, Alert, CTS
1 - 19
Christina Lam, Zahidah Raimy, Yi Ling Teo, Valentino Tan, Yin Kai Ng, Johnathan Tan
Richard Ang, a Singaporean general manager at Hotel J, aimed to be a strong leader during COVID-19 disruption. Richard sat in his office deep in thought as earlier in the day, he had attended a board meeting with his management team to discuss strategies, he wanted to ensure safety of in-house guests and employees whilst effectively managing cost to sustain the hotel business during the crisis. Le ...
COVID-19, Hotel Business, Luxury Hotel, Stay-Home Notice, Staycation, Singapore
1 - 20
Jonathan H Cortez, Kamla Persaud-Reddy, Tyler Moore, Rafael Hernandez, Monica Y Yamauchi
Can a mission, driven by passion, become the healthy option for starting a dynamic business?
Jeremy Hall was a successful businessperson who owns real estate, insurance, and holistic coaching companies. He relocated from Boston to Tampa Bay in 2010. Life was busy, fast-paced, and Jeremy was not feeling well for several years. Unfortunately, in 2013, at the age of 45, Jeremy’s entire life came t ...
Green Life, USF EMBA 202, Restaurant, Vegan
1 - 21
Debra Frank
Due to COVID-19 pandemic a college with eight different campus locations moved its face to face courses online. The college decided to list all courses under one main campus since the regional locations did not matter now. There was a course materials issue since the professors from each of the campuses use their own materials. Now that courses are provided collegewide (as one campus), the student ...
COVID-19, Course Materials, Online Teaching, Academic Freedom, Communication
1 - 22
Catrina Hopkins
As the year 2020 rolled in, COVID-19 headlined all the news forums. COVID-19 (Coronavirus) was a virus that crippled the world by either infecting or killing millions of people, and the United States (US) did not go unscathed. With an alarmingly high rate of infection, the US government was asking non-essential companies to temporarily close their doors and cease services. Americans were told by n ...
COVID-19, Coronavirus, SOC Reports, Wage Reduction, Business Operations, Business Decision, Human Capital
1 - 23
Shirley N Morejon
Patty O’Leary is the Executive Director of the Children’s Cancer Center (CCC). The CCC was founded on the philosophy that when a child is diagnosed with cancer, the entire family is really diagnosed. Patty and team dedicate their service to these families through 24 support programs focused on their emotional, financial, and educational needs.
Much of the success of the organization has been dr ...
COVID 19, Non-Profit, Cancer, Charity, Fundraising
1 - 23
Sarah Combs
Josie Rocco hung up the phone and wiped away the tears streaming down her face as she contemplated what her next move would be. This was the third call she'd received that day where all she could say was, “I am so sorry to hear that.” Words that felt empty with no real solutions or answers attached to them. Josie was the Chief Operations Officer for the University Area Community Development Corpor ...
COVID 19, workforce, employment, nonprofit, social services, social justice, inequity, communities of color
1 - 24
Federico Giovannetti
Meals on Wheels of Tampa (MOWT), a 501(C)3 tax-exempt organization founded in 1975, delivers hot meals to people in need in the community, mostly the elderly and the homebound that live alone. The meals are prepared, packaged and delivered by the organization on a daily basis, approximately 870 meals per day. Beneficiaries of the program truly depend on it, not only because of their inability to p ...
Covid-19, Elderly, Logistics, Volunteers, Service, Charitable, Non-profit, Food insecurity
1 - 24
Randy Esponda, Timothy E Newsome, Say Sengsouvanna, Samuel Barrington, Cynthia L Steel
With the sun losing its glare and now appearing as a beautiful orange orb just above the distant horizon where the sky meets the sea, Barry O’Connor thought to himself, “This is as close to paradise as you can get.” Yet, the vast empty sea of white sand surrounding him told a very different story. It was July 17, 2020, and this beautiful area should have been overrun with college students and youn ...
COVID-19, coronavirus, restaurants, bars, tourism, hospitality
1 - 25
Julia A Hamilton, Matthew Mullarkey
Jamie Cudden, the Smart City Programme Manager for Dublin City Council (DCC), had just participated in the most recent review of the sensor-enabled smart gully project in Dublin city. Tasked with exploring how technology can help address city challenges to create a ‘smarter’ Dublin, Jamie wondered why more smart sensor applications were not being identified and deployed by DCC departments. He knew ...
internet of things, academy of the near future, Dublin City Council, Local Authorities,
1 - 25
Michael B Guerin, Matthew Mullarkey, Jamie Cudden
City assets have the potential to play a pivotal role in the deployment of future connectivity such as 5G. How should Dublin City respond to this or should it get involved at all?
5G, Telecoms, Smart City, Smart Cities, Dublin, Ireland, Smart Dublin, Smart Docklands, City Assets, Procurement, Testbeds
1 - 30
Edward Emmanuel, Jamie Cudden, Matthew Mullarkey
Smart Bins have appeared in cities all around the world to help manage public waste collection more effectively. How are local governments reacting to this piece of technology? Do they serve solely as optimised/glorified waste receptacles, or contribute more than that? Moreover, is there a case to further scale up its use across the city?
Smart Bins, Smart City, Waste, Waste Management, Sensors, Internet of Things, Telecoms, Dublin, Dublin City Council, Local Authority, Ireland
1 - 35
Mary Hodges West
Georgia Lobbyist, Jet Toney, didn't know what to do. There were 11 days left in the 2020 Georgia legislative session and the Governor, Lieutenant Governor, and Speaker of the House had decided, due to the rapid spread of COVID-19, to suspend the session to a time indeterminate. This had never happened, not even in wartime. Jet's oldest client, the Georgia Independent Colleges Association had a bud ...
Georgia, legislature, lobbying, budget, legislation, COVID-19
1 - 37

Volume 5, 2020

Rogelio J Capote, Leigh Cowan, Scott Breitengross, Scott J. Campbell, Adilah R Everett-Long
Roger Capote, Senior Vice President of Corporate Services at CAN Community Health (CAN), oversaw the team hosting the 20th Anniversary CANDance revenue in the fall of 2019. Among the champions was Shelly Martin. Martin was well known in the area and had an extensive network that could be potential donors in the community. The morning of the event, Martin approached Capote and committed $250,000, t ...
Donor Relations, Philanthropy, Nonprofit
1 - 17
Brent Hinson, Kevin S Deary, Tina Herig, Eric L Martinez
Legit Global was a major manufacturer of residential and commercial windows. Each division of the company had their own distinct engineering services department. This allowed for custom-fit solutions and engineering organizations, but also communication gaps and inefficiencies. Would centralizing engineering services increase productivity and decrease costs, or would it hamper creativity and sow d ...
Engineering, shared services, centralization
1 - 21
Krishnan Ramanathan, Sara C Wolski, Zain Nensey, Raniel Marc Barcenas, William Nowel
Candy Mitchell, Information Technology Director at Jabil Inc., sank into her desk chair and looked out the window pensively. She had just finished reading a report from her team of data scientists about a predictive model they had created. She saw huge potential in this model as a potential solution to power Jabil’s customer growth strategy. Part of the strategy was to engage with technology start ...
Risk, Credit Ratings, Model, Credit, Electronics
1 - 22
Sarah Hanson, Yamen Elsaid, Christopher Lawson, Ivan Montero, Colin M Provine
When long-time Floridian Piers Ikerd was looking to transition from the corporate world in the summer of 2018, he sought more independence and ideally the opportunity to take over and transform an existing business. His eye fell on a struggling bar, Aces N Eights, that he was planning to transform into a well-oiled business. His work on an initial business plan convinced him that the key to improv ...
Case review, Marketing, Strategy, Bar, Restaurant, Small business
1 - 26
Chelsea Nauta, Christopher J Teodorski, Ryan Pusins, Gary W Holland, Alberto Socorro
Techgenics had a decision to make. Their vulnerability management program needed to be compliant with federal regulations and simultaneously they were being hit with budget reductions. Jay Santos had to decide what was the best path forward that met the requirements and kept cost under control.
vulnerability, security, technology
1 - 27
Will McCarty, Rachel Forsyth, Ian S Nunneley, Robert A Champagne, Allison VanderKolk
Five senior USF EMBA students are unexpectedly notified that the case study topic that they were expecting to proceed with for a capstone course assignment did not receive the required publication approval. The coronavirus pandemic only complicates the issue. The team must quickly determine what they should do instead.
Case Study, Coronavirus
1 - 29
Dan B Kaufmann
Aim/Purpose: University of South Florida & New York Market Strategy

Background: The University of South Florida (USF) is looking to target new students outside the Florida Market. As well as they are trying to raise the reputation of the University. USF feels that working with a sports organization will help accomplish those objectives.

Methodology: Example Case Study

Contribution: Hi ...
Sports Sponsorship, Higher Education Marketing, Sports Marketing
1 - 40

Volume 4, 2019

Kuan-Huei Lee
Leslie was the founder of US Doggie Bakery in 2004 in Singapore, he had a vision of providing nutritious meals for dogs using human-grade ingredients. After three years, the third outlet was opened as a franchised business. In 2008, there was a change of the key personnel decided to leave and new business opportunity for Leslie overseas. The future of US Doggie Bakery was at a crossroad and was he ...
bakery, dog food, franchise business
1 - 11
Michael John Armstrong, Scott Bayus, David M Truxton, Raj Mathur, Kristine E kalderson
As part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA), all healthcare providers were required to adopt and show meaningful use of an electronic medical health record (EMR). To avoid a penalty, integration had to occur before January 1, 2014. Many hospitals and older physicians struggled with this. This digital change was new to not only physicians but also the business leaders that ran thos ...
Electronic Medical Records, medicine, hospitals, organizational change
1 - 16
Leroy A Alexander, Fabiano Laux, Abraham A Polanco, Ellen Presnell, Darren Rock
Consulting Solutions Inc has spent the past 20 years serving the Federal Government. Consulting Solutions got its start as an 8(a) company in the DIA Mentor-Protégé program as a Protégé business delivering top notch IT & Mission Services. The company graduated from both the 8(a) program and the DIA Mentor-Protégé program, demonstrating an ability to bid and execute on large scale programs. Thro ...
consulting, government, federal, business, case study, continuing resolution, federal budget
1 - 16
Carla Dorsey, Tim Dorsey, Terry McGovern
On October 8, 2015, Glenn Peterson, President of Primo Flight Parts, Inc. (PFP), faced an important deadline: In one week, he needed to finalize his 2016 proposed budget so that supporting materials could be assembled and sent to the Board of Directors in advance of its October 23 meeting, when (he hoped) the budget would be approved. Peterson had been through this process many times since becomi ...
Evidenced-Based Decision Making, Data Stratification, Non-Value-Added Costs, Process Improvement, Operational Improvement, Transforming Data into Information, Operational Efficiency, Operational Inefficiency, Data-Based Decison Making, Business Analytics, Process Mapping, Department Analysis
1 - 17
loran jarrett, Vjollca Hysenlika
In May 2016, Jennifer Stancil, the new president and chief executive officer (CEO) of Glazer Children’s Museum in Tampa, Florida was considering further steps to take toward her goal of making the downtown museum an educational and entertainment destination for children and their families. The CEO had been hired on November 23, 2015 with a mandate to rebrand the museum as a world-class learning en ...
nonprofit, marketing, communications, public relations, branding
1 - 19
Jean Chua, Stacy-Ann Henry, Raymond Wilhite, Justin Smith, Darryl Johnson, Jerry Mallory
In 2018, as the trade wars between the United States and China reached new heights, John faced challenges as he needed to quickly execute a plan to mitigate any risks to his company. The imposed tariffs were putting significant pressure on John’s current business initiatives, financial goals, and could derail is customers’ satisfaction.
John knew that he was in safe hands with the support of Jabi ...
Jabil, Supply Chain, Trade War, Tariff, Sanction, United States, China, Manufacturing, Electronic Manufacturing Service, Compliance
1 - 20
Eric Johnson, Lanel Menezes, Tim Routier, Mikaela Walter, Keith White
Dr. Ken Atwater, President of Hillsborough Community College (HCC), saw the email flash across his monitor, “2018-19 Performance Funding: Hillsborough Community College” sent from the Chancellor of the Florida College System (FCS). The email was 12 months in the making. In 2015, the Florida Legislature created the first performance funding-based incentive program in its General Appropriations Act ...
Community College,performance based funding, Florida
1 - 20
Russell E Stone, Brendan Hess, Thomas C Nankervis, Peter Douglas Hendrickson, Nikki Joseph
JoAnn put down the inventory reports of four Mosaic mines that she had been contemplating. Much of the raw material for the company’s phosphate fertilizer production was mined and processed at these Florida facilities. Keeping track of the vast array of equipment, parts, and supplies required to operate the mines had become an issue.
JoAnn Speaks, Purchasing Manager at Mosaic Company, was taske ...
inventory, mining, rfid, vending, technology, radio-frequency
1 - 21
Mark J Mattia
As founder of the Women’s Money Empowerment Network (WoMEN), Dr. Laura Mattia she was worried that others were getting close to her platform idea in the financial services marketplace. She was thinking that it was finally time to launch her brand and dream in a comprehensive and meaningful fashion. A decisive step forward must be taken or a potential competitor could steal her platform idea. How c ...
financial planning, marketing, financial advisors, target marketing
1 - 21
Chris Crace
Honeywell was an industry leader in the aerospace market for both government and commercial needs, and had a proud history of making best-in-class products for a wide range of customers. Mike Brutsman, senior project manager, thought, “We have great data, great analysts, and great products. Why can’t we provide better and timelier project data to all our customers?” To address these issues, Aero ...
Microsoft Project Online, cloud-based, aerospace, MPSO, project management
1 - 23
Sameer Mohammad
Habitat for Humanity (HFH) Florida is best known for their coordination of helping hand for the building of affordable homes in communities all across the world. Although effective at their mission, the organization had been procuring supplies the same way for decades, with no major analyses or innovations to their processes.

HFH Florida’s CEO, Barbara Inman, decided to reach out to the Univer ...
Supply chain, supply chain management, procurement, CSCMP, Habitat for Humanity, purchasing, centralized, centralized procurement, decentralized procurement, decentralized, non-profit
1 - 24
Sandi Wallace, Robert J Bermudez, Joshua a korlin, Damon J Moorer, Mary Shamma
A payment solutions company learned that one of its prominent business partners was about to purchase one of its chief competitors, resulting in one of the most significant threats in the company's 30-year history. Could they maintain a relationship with a partner who was also a competitor? Was there an opportunity to redesign the business model for mutual benefit? What was the best approach to en ...
credit, payment, financial, banking, fintech
1 - 24
Douglas T Stacy, Krofton Owen, Robyn Hinchey, Scott Seigel
How does MCS grow from a small business to a mid-size business? MCS is currently in an in-between phase, too big to be considered small in some industries categories and too small to be considered mid-size in others.
Information technology, federal government, small business
1 - 28
Mariia Khilkovskaia, Michael Eisenberg, Snehil Tiwari, Alexandre S K Miguel, Chad Cowan
By implementing a better solution for shipment tracking, Michael wanted to facilitate better overall delivery service between WDS and its customers. The hardest question was that he did not know where to start. The quick solution of implementing Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) system would solve the majority of problems related to copying and pasting data. However, it might not help in the long ...
information systems, logistics, local business
1 - 28
Grover C Walters
This discussion case follows a manager of IT for a global mattress manufacturer as he contemplates a decision surrounding conflicting feedback regarding a IT vendor named Pivotal IT. The case may be taught in both undergraduate (upper level) and graduate courses.
IT Managed Services, Outsourcing, Contingency Planning
1 - 29
Rishiraj Mukherjee, aditya singh, Meena Yaduguri Sundinti, JAMES J FARLEY, Rajender Katyal
Mike Joshi (MJ) - IT Director of ABC Corp (ABC) just got done with a meeting with Bob – Executive Vice President of Global Field Operations and Assurance for ABC Corp. MJ was asked to improve the output of ABC Corp’s current workforce to stay competitive in the hyper competitive telecommunications sector using technology. Bob demanded that MJ figure out a way to improve efficiency in ABC’s staff a ...
1 - 30

Volume 3, 2018

Onochie Fan-Osuala
This note provides a brief description of web application vulnerabilities and preventive measures.
web vulnerability, cyber attack, cross-site scripting, OWASP,cross-site request forgery
1 - 7
Onochie Fan-Osuala
This note provides a basic overview of privacy issues, with an emphasis on the implications of the web and social networks.
privacy cybersecurity, social networks
1 - 8
Onochie Fan-Osuala
This note provides a summary of disaster recovery with emphasis on information technology disaster recovery.
Information technology, disaster, disaster recovery, disaster recovery planning, data loss
1 - 9
James E Fulford
A technical note framing the different levels at which cybersecurity problems are encountered.
cybersecuirty, problem space
1 - 9
Adele Botha, a project manager in the Information Communication and Technology for Rural Education Development (ICT4RED) initiative in South Africa, pondered on what to do with the Twitter and Whatsapp data that had been secured over the course of the study. The data consisted of communication between people at the implementation sites and management of the ICT4RED initiative in the city of Pretor ...
South Africa, social media, rural education, whatsapp
1 - 9
Antonia Makina, an education consultant in the Directorate for Curriculum and Learning Development at the University of South Africa (UNISA), was assigned the task of recommending a theoretical guideline for adoption by the management of the university in its quest to implement Open Distance E-learning (ODeL) at the university. This was because Open Distance E-learning delivery presented new chall ...
South Africa, e-Learning, Distance Learning, Pedagogy, Learning Theories
1 - 11
Liezel Cilliers
Mr Benton Alexander, Director of eHealth in the Eastern Cape Department of Health, reflected on his 20th year in the position. During his tenure, various telemedicine projects had been implemented in the Eastern Cape Department of Health (ECDoH). He had been asked by the ECDoH to investigate the reasons behind the past failure of telemedicine in the province. He felt that most of the factors he ...
South Africa, telemedicine, healthcare, regulations, Eastern Cape
1 - 12
The new CEO of a year, Mymoena Ismail, pondered on how to re-invigorate the once dynamic and highly innovative government entity as part of three integrated government entities. The questions at the top of her mind therefore revolved around how to transform the government agency into an agency that prepared South Africans with the new kinds of ICT skills that were needed in the medium to long term ...
South Africa, eSkills, NEMISA, national development plan
1 - 13
The Wikyo Akala Project (WAP) was a cooperative set up as a social enterprise that sought to pool the
efforts of the sandal makers in the Korogocho area, Nairobi, Kenya, in order to improve their sales
revenue using the internet platform. WAP struggled to survive as a “bricks-and-mortar” social enterprise
in the first six years of operation. However, with the adoption of a “clicks-and-mortar” d ...
Kenya, sandals, digital marketing, economic development
1 - 14
Dr. Jackie Phahlamohlaka reflected on what he would propose to the board regarding the transformation of the existing Siyabuswa Educational Improvement and Development Trust (SEIDET) community centre to a smart community centre. As the Competency Area Manager at the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) in South Africa, the founder of SEIDET and the chairman of its Board of Trustee ...
South Africa, community center, digital village, economic development
1 - 14
Dr. ZW Saul, the Head of the Department of African Languages at the University of Fort Hare, was considering the future of a text-to-speech system that converted English text into isiXhosa audio. The system had experienced a successful pilot, but much work remained to be done in taking the project to full implementation and sustainability.
South Africa, Text-To-Speech, isiXhosa, Eastern Cape, Xhosa
1 - 15
In 2015, Samuel who was registered for a master’s programme in the Department of Business Management, housed within the Faculty of Management and Commerce at a prominent university located in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa, decided on a research topic in the area of social media service quality using the E-S-SERVQUAL model. Once he settled on a topic, the next step would be to choose th ...
South Africa, Research, Ethics, Plagiarism
1 - 15
Antoinette Lombard, Director of the e-skills unit at the Vaal University of Technology (VUT), had initiated a skills development and employee engagement project for the Human Resource (HR) Department through offering an e-skills and e-literacy course to the service workers of the University. Service workers included cleaning, gardening, maintenance and electrical workers. After a reasonably succes ...
South Africa, e-literacy, higher education, Vaal University of Technology
1 - 16
The Head of Institutional Planning at the University of the Western Cape (UWC), Mr. Stevens, was working with the 2016 UWC Institutional Operational Plan (IOP) White Paper. He was using this document in his planning. One of the goals of the IOP was the development of the campus and surrounding areas, which required his executive direction. Two intertwined concerns dominated the infrastructure deve ...
South Africa, commuting, infrastructure, wi-fi, higher education
1 - 17
William F Murphy
William Murphy, a college professor and a black belt in the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu community, frowned as he considered a project that he had been working on. Working in conjunction with Georgette Oden, a lawyer and the head of investigations at, he had proposed a systematic investigation that would seek to identify sex offenders within the martial arts instruction community. Now he need ...
cyber forensics, cybersecurity, jiu jitsu, law enforcement, martial arts, sexual predators
1 - 18
Colin Thakur, an expert researcher for the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) of South Africa, ruminated on the recommendation he would make to that committee. The IEC had commissioned him to undertake a neutral comprehensive international study of e-voting implementations and experimentation. His goal was then to advise whether South Africa was in a position to adopt e-voting.
South Africa, electronic voting, eVoting, government, elections
1 - 18
Jane, an academic staff member of a university based in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa, had been involved in Information and Communication Technology for Development (ICT4D) research for many years. Jane wanted to apply for academic promotion to an Associate Professor position at her institution. In order to be promoted to an Associate Professor level, Jane was required to demonstrate ...
South Africa, community engagement, higher education
1 - 18
After a conference call with a team of his business consultants, Damon Auer, Vice President of Health and Life Sciences at Tribridge, pondered on the challenges facing his team as they tried to expand sales of Tribridge’s new Microsoft cloud based software platform–Health360. Damon, an expert in transformational Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Resource Management (CRM) programs, sp ...
cloud computing, CRM, customer resource management, enterprise resource planning, ERP, healthcare, international, Microsoft, Tribridge
1 - 19
Masana Twala and Emily Brown, the co-founders of ME Data Services (MEDS), believed they had identified an excellent opportunity in the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) domain. They were excited to set their idea in motion and, as many technology services entrepreneurs do, they feared that if they did not act promptly they could lose this chance. However, as recent entrants to the fiercely compet ...
South Africa, small business, business process outsourcing, data services
1 - 19
James E Fulford
Reprivata has developed a cybersecurity solution, which can fundamentally change how companies can create private, trust-based interconnections with their third party business partners. Now, how do they attract the right “early adopter” to implement it?
Community of Trust, cybersecurity, risk management
1 - 20
Tshepo Manaka, an analyst programmer in the integration team at Woolworths Holdings, South Africa, was responsible for development and configuration of the DataPower appliance. The DataPower appliance was used for integration of data between Woolworths South Africa and external units; it worked as a multi-protocol gateway. Three months after the integration of Woolworths South Africa with the Aus ...
South Africa, database, retail, Woolworths
1 - 20
Telemedicine technology had advanced rapidly with the growth of the internet in the 2000’s. The technology, also known as telehealth, allowed patients to receive medical care remotely rather than traditional in-person doctor visits at a facility. Consumer demand exploded throughout the 2010’s, and some of the best hospitals in the world started implementing some forms of telehealth technology; som ...
Electronic Health Records, healthcare, insurance, Regulation, Telemedicine
1 - 21
“What if we took pharmacy back to its DNA… back to its essence… and then we prescribed empowerment, innovation, creativity, teamwork and personalization?” –USF Health Website

Having pondered this question, which had been his guide and vision throughout his career, Dr. Kevin Sneed asked himself how technology could be used toward the next advancement of pharmacy related health care. As the Found ...
healthcare, Higher education, information technology, medicine, patient care, pharmacy, USF Health
1 - 22
Mr. Berlin Msiska, the CEO for the Zambia Revenue Authority (Tax Administration), was wondering how return on investment (ROI) might be used to assess investments in ICT intended to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the country’s tax system. The critical decision being faced was “How can the ROI of tax systems be computed and should we advocate using ROI?
Zambia, taxes, return on investment, ROI, government
1 - 23
Marlo B Murphy-Braynen, Abdoulie Jammeh
Marlo Murphy-Braynen, CFO at The College of The Bahamas (the College) rose early on September 28, 2017, and headed into the office, where many tasks awaited her. An online payment solution was urgently needed, to address the long line of students who queued up daily at the Business Office. In three weeks the College’s annual budget was due; normally this would take three months to prepare. There w ...
Audit, corporate governance framework, accountability, fairness, and transparency.
1 - 25
Christian G Koch, Jeff Johnson
It was late on a Friday evening and the “big” question had raised its ugly head again. Husband and wife, Eli Cohen and Betty Boyd, were slowly sipping their second glass of their favorite merlot and debating how to make Informing Science Institute (ISI) into a sustainable organization. They had founded ISI, an academic association, in 1998 to foster the development of a scientific discipline calle ...
Discussion Case, Leadership, Process of Sucessful Change, Strategy, Sustainability
1 - 26

Volume 2, 2017

It was late on a Friday afternoon. The ReliaQuest Security Operations Center was busy as usual, but nothing was out of the ordinary. ReliaQuest Chief Technology Officer, Joe Partlow, was in his office working on a new technology innovation when his cell phone rang. It was the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) for ABC Company, one of ReliaQuest’s clients–a company with millions of customers ...
bitcoin, cybersecurity, dark web, hacking, ransomware, security services
1 - 20
Ricardo Lasa, CEO and co-founder of SiteWit Corporation, was always chastising his technical team that the “biggest risk facing the company is the engine.” SiteWit provided cross-platform services aimed at helping small (or even medium-sized) business customers effectively advertise on search engines like Google (AdWords) and Bing (adCenter), as well as other online social networking or display ad ...
Analytics, database, Hadoop, MongoDB, NoSQL, SQL
1 - 22
ABC Insurance was a leading short-term insurer in South Africa. The FSB (Financial Services Board) of South Africa defined short term insurance cover as indemnification secured by the insurance purchaser over their fixed and movable assets (FSB, n.d.). Such insurable assets could be one’s home (the actual building) or motor vehicle ( The purchased insurance cover protected t ...
insurance, Make-or-Buy, Mobile App, South Africa
1 - 22
Dr. Leonid Perlovsky, distinguished physicist and cognitive scientist, pondered this question, which could have a significant impact on his research direction in the years to come. Over the past few decades, he had developed and refined algorithms for distinguishing objects in images, an approach that had found its way into various classified U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) applications. Now he w ...
cybersecurity, detect, dynamic logic, machine learning, malware, unsupervised
1 - 23
Joseph Bromer, Head of IT Solutions Delivery at LifeInsure Emerging Markets, deliberated on a challenge that he had just been given. TIBCO, a vendor supporting ObjectStar, notified LifeInsure that support for the application would cease at the end of 2017. ObjectStar was the Product Administration System (PAS) system used by LifeInsure. The ObjectStar platform was called Alpha and was used in over ...
information technology, life insurance, product administration system, South Africa
1 - 25
Dr. T. Grandon Gill, a Professor in the Information Systems and Decision Sciences Department at the University of South Florida, was traveling with his family in England when he received a strange phone message. Not being able to respond, he ignored it until—a couple of days later—he was notified that access to his personal website had been suspended (see Exhibit 1). had, once again, b ...
cybersecurity, defacement, hacking, malware, PayPal, phishing
1 - 25
Jay Hoecker
After 28 years of public service, the Information Technology Bureau Chief for the Southwest Florida Water Management District (SWFWMD), Dr. Steven Dicks, was still passionate about serving the public. By first focusing on the needs of people in the District, Dr. Dicks was able to objectively observe the many aspects of operations for which he was responsible. His observations led him to believe th ...
cloud, enterprise data management, models, SWFWMD, water management
1 - 30
Josef Langerman, Head of IT Transformation for Standard Bank, reflected on the extraordinary transformation that his organization’s IT group had recently experienced. Over the past three years, Standard Bank’s IT group had changed from the relatively well accepted systems development lifecycle/waterfall model to a revolutionary large scale agile approach. The results had been gratifying. But it le ...
Agile Programming, Banking, Organizational Transformation, Scrum, South Africa
1 - 31
Mark Dumas, a Systems Specialist at a Telecommunications Company located in South Africa needed to make decisions regarding the current virtualized infrastructure platform. These decisions also involved the renewal of hardware that had reached the end of its maintenance period and the latest virtualization platform software. Dumas further needed to formulate a plan to ensure that there was enough ...
information technology, mobile, South Africa, telecommunications, virtualization
1 - 35
Grandon Gill, Academic Director of the Doctorate of Business Administration Program (DBA) at the University of South Florida’s (USF) Muma College of Business pondered the email he had just sent to Moez Limayem, the dean of the college (see Exhibit 1). In that email, he had raised the possibility of developing a version of the college’s highly successful DBA program specifically targeting cybersecu ...
business research, cybersecurity, DBA, doctoral education, executive education
1 - 35
Troy Montgomery
Determining how a corporate real estate organization estimates its project costs is a big decision that impacts budgets, customers, and the bottom line. Our next management meeting is only a few days away. What recommendations should we make for improvement of cost estimating?

Troy Montgomery, a consultant at Humana in April of 2015, was tasked with providing leaders of Humana’s corporate real ...
Project Management, Cost Estimating, Healthcare
1 - 24
Robert W Hammond
This case, based on actual events that took place in mobile industry, describes a complex decision about product priority and sales training in a complex landscape. Rob Hammond, product executive at Syniverse Technologies, needed to decide whether to grow revenues by focusing the sales force on selling an existing product, SMS Application to Peer Text Messaging, in new markets or investing in the ...
Sales, Innovation Diffusion, Motivation, Organization Change, Training, Change Management, Management, Practical Innovation
1 - 27

Volume 1, 2016

Grandon Gill
David Rohret, the founder of the Joint Vulnerability Assessment Branch (JVAB) pondered this difficult question. Since 2003, he had been involved in building a team that was uniquely positioned to identify a wide range of vulnerabilities in military and commercial communications and web-based systems. He could cite numerous examples of past situations where the early use of JVAB’s services led to, ...
cybersecurity, information systems
1 - 14
Grandon Gill, Joni Jones
Jeffrey Stiles pondered these seemingly straightforward questions. As IT Director of Jagged Peak, Inc., a developer of e-commerce solutions located in the Tampa Bay region of Florida, it would be his responsibility to oversee the implementation of security measures that went beyond the existing user name and password currently required for each user. Recent events suggested that a move towards inc ...
cybersecurity, authentication, logistics
1 - 16
Christopher C Olson
“Now what?” Ken pondered as he stared out the window on his flight back from Phoenix having just closed on the acquisition of a 20-unit restaurant company: The Good Egg. Ken Pendery, the CEO of the First Watch restaurant chain for the last 30 years, had just recently grown the company by 20% in one fell swoop. But what was he to do with these Arizona restaurants located more than 1,000 miles from ...
resturant, acquisition, branding, franchising
1 - 18
Justin Hurd, a regional manager for Marten Transport, Ltd. (Marten), hung up the phone feeling frustrated following a call with his Division VP. The mandate he received was simple--improve operational efficiencies and reduce operational costs. Justin saw his company do amazing things. He saw the company thrive by delivering loads quickly, efficiently and accurately to its customers. They always ma ...
Analytics, Case, Information Systems, Operations, Small Business, big data, logistics, operations, trucking
1 - 19
One night in 2014, Mike, the head manager of Mellow Mushroom Tampa, paused from his exhausting evening to stare at the paper schedule posted on the wall. The schedule was covered in a mess of writing from employees drawing arrows to swap shifts, or asking others to pick up shifts. He had always tried to accommodate people’s schedules, but the task was becoming stressful and exasperating. That nigh ...
Information Systems, Management, Small Business, franchise, restaurant, scheduling, service business
1 - 20
Grandon Gill
Grandon Gill, Professor and Academic Director of the Doctor of Business Administration program at the Muma College of Business (MCOB) of the University of South Florida, pondered the question. A few months before, he had volunteered to take on the creation of two open access journals, to be called the Muma Case Review (MCR) and the Muma Business Review (MBR). The first of these would publish busin ...
cybersecurity, open access
1 - 25
The sun set on another long day at the headquarters of ReliaQuest where Brian Murphy leaned back in his chair and exhaled deeply as he considered the cyber security breaches that had consumed the media in recent weeks. Retail giants like Target, Lowe’s and Home Depot had fallen victim to serious data breaches. He pondered how his company, ReliaQuest, could make a difference in a world saturated wi ...
1 - 30
Steve Oscher
Calvin T. Jones, DMD slammed the door to his office, walked to his desk, and glared at the diplomas on his wall. UNC at Chapel Hill (Magna Cum Laude), University of Florida (Doctor of Dentistry), all those awards for service and achievement. So perfect, and yet he could my career have fallen into total chaos? As Calvin reached for his bottle of Tums, he reflected on the events t ...
partner dispute, conflict resolution, employee loyalty, equity opportunity
1 - 18
Janene J Culumber
Mark Hulse, Chief Information Officer at Moffitt Cancer Center wondered out loud as he stared at the results of the survey used to determine organizational readiness for change. Much about this implementation seemed to be different from his prior experiences: the academic setting, the physician led leadership structure, the regulatory requirements driving change, and the government incentives to r ...
Information Systems, Non Profit, emr, implementation, medicine, project management
1 - 20
Shane Collier
Shane Collier, founder of Consolidated Reality, LLC (CReal) considered this proposition as he contemplated a potential venture with Beyond the Psy (BtP) which involved moving high-value, sensitive content to the cloud. With an extensive technical and business background, he grew to appreciate the value of cloud computing, along with its impact on business. To be leveraged correctly, you had to do ...
cybersecurity, cloud, small business
1 - 22
Chris Milan, Managing Director of Southeastern Region at Tribridge, Inc., was drumming away at the annual “Connect” conference with the company band called “The Bridge.” He enjoyed seeing everyone dancing, laughing, and jamming out to the music and making new friends with coworkers. Tribridge had quickly grown over fifteen years to more than 600 employees with most deployed to customer sites aroun ...
Analytics, Information Systems, Small Business, big data, enterprise social networks, social networking
1 - 22
Gilbert Gonzalez
Gilbert Gonzalez, founder and CEO of Mission Critical Solutions (MCS), was reflecting on the path forward for his company. MCS maintained and updated a five-year strategic plan each year since its inception in 1990. In the early years, the strategic plan focused on the key strategic factors (KSFs) and resulted in a narrow mission. Year after year, that focus on the KSFs was rewarded by the market. ...
Information Systems, Management, Small Business
1 - 23
Manish Agrawal, Shivendu Shivendu
Alex Campoe, Director for Information Security at the University of South Florida, had just come out from a meeting with the CIO of the University, and this thought summed up the CIO’s opinion. While Alex had heard of the term cyber insurance, this was the first time he had actually been compelled to think seriously about it. Until now, he had not considered the possibility that he might actually ...
cybersecurity, insurance
1 - 32

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