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Article Submission Guidelines

No Charge for Article Submission and Publication

Muma Case Review (MCR) is a publication of the University of South Florida's Muma College of Business published in partnership with the Informing Science Institute (ISI), and does not charge for submitting papers to the journal nor for publishing an accepted paper.  We believe in free dissemination of high quality research.

Timeframe for Review

Typically, within a week from submission the Editor-in-Chief Grandon Gill will contact the corresponding author with news of whether or not the submission will be advanced to the first round of reviews (or is being rejected as not suitable for publication in the journal). (If you do not hear from the Editor-in-Chief Grandon Gill in two weeks, feel free to contact Grandon Gill at Recognize that these suggested timeframes may be unattainable when the Editor-in-Chief has higher priority work constraints.

If the submission is accepted for the first round of reviews, a panel of reviewers and Editor will assigned to blind review the submission. Typically the first round of review concludes approximately 10 weeks later with the Editor sending the corresponding author a letter regarding acceptance. The decision may be to reject, conditionally accept pending specified revisions, or accept the paper. Most commonly papers that are accepted require several rounds of revision. Since the submission may require several rounds of review and most of this time is determined by how promptly the author responds, there is no meaningful average time between submission and publication or rejection. While most rejections occur within one week of submission, submissions may be rejected during any point during the review cycle.

After an Editor or Associate Editor (AE) determines that the topic of the manuscript fits within the journal's purview, the AE will conduct a blind review of the paper using three or more reviewers selected from the journal's Board of Reviewers. Commonly, these reviewers are selected so as to assure variety of opinions from around the globe.
After the reviewers have submitted their comments you will be contacted by an editor or AE regarding acceptance, provisional acceptance, or rejection of a manuscript. Almost all accepted papers require one or more rounds of revision. You will upload your revised papers using the same login and password as for your original submission.

Cases and technical notes appear on-line as soon as the final formatting is completed. From time to time, special collections of cases and technical notes may be published in book form.

How to Submit Your Manuscript

Authors submit their manuscripts electronically using the submission and review system. Submissions must be made using one of the templates provided at under "Authors".
All manuscripts must be the authors' original, unpublished work. The manuscript must not be under consideration for publication elsewhere.

Article Formatting Instructions

The Muma Case Review accepts two types of submissions:

  1. Discussion Cases
  2. Technical Notes

These submissions must be made using one of the templates provided at under "Authors".


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