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16 Dec 2014 | Website

As you will notice, the Informing Science Institute's "The Informing Science Institute Community Portal"  website is greatly improved.  We are calling our new website the Informing Science Institute Community Portal.  Our great thanks go out to our extraordinary programmer Christos Vavatsikos and our own ISI Governor Raafat Saade.

Are you looking for the old site (perhaps to review papers that were assigned to you?  Visit http://InformingScience.US (note the US) and follow the links.

Featured New Feature! 

Peer Directory. One of the many benefits from being an ISI member is the ability to see other ISI members' profile summaries, ordered by how closely they match your own.  Use this feature to locate potential researchers collaborators from around the globe.  For example, one colleague from Australia discovered her top three closest matches in 1) Israel, 2) Somalia, and 3) USA.  This members-only feature makes you a better connected colleague.

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