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We, the scholars around the world who comprise the Informing Science Institute, do not sell or rent any personal information. We use information only to support our mission. When you visit our site, the web server keeps a log of your visit so that we can analyze the weblog to determine such things as how many times each article is downloaded. We use these data to answer questions like "what is the status of papers submitted and published" and "who registered for the conference".

We collect personal information only from those who sign up for an account. If you become an author, reviewer or editor, we collect basic information from you, such as your name, affiliation, and email, so that we may contact you. We list the names and affiliations of reviewers and editors on our site so that they can demonstrate to others their involvement, but people can direct the system not to display this information on our public website. Paper authors provide information about themselves that appears in their published paper. If you become a member of the Informing Science Institute, we list your name as a member at and all our journal sites unless you instruct the system not to display your basic profile information. To improve the paper review process, we keep and later analze information about each paper and its reviews. This information is available only to editors, editors-in-chief, and others involved in improving the journal review process. If you register for one of our conferences, we store the information you enter about your registration.

If you have an account with us, you can choose whether or not to receive any email from us. We email authors and reviewers information about submissions, members about their members, and such. We keep track of your membership status and when your membership is up for renewal. You can update information about yourself in your profile. 

For our convenience, we use cookies to identify who is logged in.  Cookies enable you to return to the website without needing to re-log in. We also use cookies for anonymous data analysis.

The personal information are stored on servers in the United States of America. We take steps to protect your Personal Information from unauthorized access and against unlawful processing, accidental loss, destruction and damage.

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