A Simple Measure of Diversity

Anthony Scime
InSITE 2015  •  2015  •  pp. 367-383
Diversity is a relative concept, which has been applied to a number of domains, such as culture and biology. A simple measure of diversity is derived by drawing from the domains of biological and cultural diversity, as well as, information retrieval for its measurement capabilities. This domain independent diversity measure can be used to determine diversity between entities in any collection that can be expressed as features and their values. The measurement can be applied to a single feature or to any combination of features. The entities may be, among other things, words in a document, biological species in an environment, people in an organization, or records in a data set. This diversity measure provides a single value for entities in their collection; measuring the relative diversity of the entity with respect to the other entities in the collection. This tool can be used to compare and contrast diversity between collections of entities, or within the same collection over time.
Biological Diversity, Cultural Diversity, Diversity, Information Retrieval, Measurement
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