Requirements Elicitation Problems: A Literature Analysis

Bill Davey, Kevin R. Parker
InSITE 2015  •  2015  •  pp. 910
[The final form of this paper was published in the journal Issues in Informing Science and Information Technology.] Requirements elicitation is the process through which analysts determine the software requirements of stakeholders.  Requirements elicitation is seldom well done, and an inaccurate or incomplete understanding of user requirements has led to the downfall of many software projects. This paper proposes a classification of problem types that occur in requirements elicitation. The classification has been derived from a literature analysis. Papers reporting on techniques for improving requirements elicitation practice were examined for the problem the technique was designed to address. In each classification the most recent or prominent techniques for ameliorating the problems are presented. The classification allows the requirements engineer to be sensitive to problems as they arise and the educator to structure delivery of requirements elicitation training.
requirements elicitation, systems analysis
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