Putting Personal Knowledge Management under the Macroscope of Informing Science

Ulrich Schmitt
InSITE 2015  •  2015  •  pp. 932
The paper introduces a novel Personal Knowledge Management (PKM) Concept and prototype system. Their objective is to aid life-long-learning, resourcefulness, creativity, and teamwork of individuals throughout their academic and professional life and as contributors and beneficiaries of organizational and societal performance. Such a scope offers appealing and viable opportunities for stakeholders in the educational, professional, and developmental context.

In order to emphasize the profound differences of the proposed meme-based PKM System compared to its traditional organizational counterparts as well as its inherent complementing synergies, a systems thinking approach has been adopted by putting the PKM concept and design under the macroscope of the Informing Science Framework and the Complexity Framework for Design Tasks.

As a result, the paper shows how the system is closing in on Vannevar Bush’s still unfulfilled vison of the ‘Memex’, an as-close-as-it-gets imaginary ancestor celebrating its 70th anniversary as an inspiring idea never realized, and how it concurs with a scenario recently put forward by Levy: “Just as computer science underwent a revolution in the 1980s with the widespread use of personal computers, it is possible that Knowledge Management (KM) will in the twenty-first century experience a decentralizing revolution that gives more power and autonomy to individuals and self-organized groups.”

A revised version of this paper was published in the journal Informing Science: the International Journal of an Emerging Transdiscipline, Volume 18, 2015
Personal Knowledge Management (PKM), Organizational Knowledge Management, Personal Knowledge Management for Development (PKM4D), Informing Science Framework, Human Capital, Capacity Development, Lifelong learning, Memes, Memex.
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