Development of a Secured Shared Processing System

Aderonke Peace Akinduro, Boniface Kayode Alese, Olufunso Dayo Alowolodu, Aderonke Favour-Bethy Thompson, Akintoba Emmanuel Akinwonmi
InSITE 2015  •  2015  •  pp. 029-041
The most common way of ensuring confidentiality of data or documents by individuals, governments, and institutions such as banks, hospitals, and other commercial enterprises is by consigning their secrets to a computer system. But this has not solved the problems of upholding security, instead they are more compounded due to the fact that secrets sharing is generally desired but only in a tightly controlled manner. This could be resolved by the introduction of a secured shared processing system. Secured shared processing system is a system that comprises of several computers whereby one stands as a secured, trusted system while the other systems are connected to it. The system do not divide up a memory or a clock; the computers only communicate with each other by exchanging messages over a communication channel; and each computer has its own memory and operates on its own operating system. This is achieved with the aid of Cryptographic mechanisms in which EI Gamal model was adopted as a Public-key cryptography scheme which will be applied on a workstation distributed System.
Cryptography, Shared Processing, Parallel Computing, Elgamal Principle
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