Teaching Social Media in Business

Roger McHaney, Merrill Warkentin, David Sachs, Michael Brian Pope, Dustin Ormond
Journal of Information Technology Education: Innovations in Practice  •  Volume 14  •  2015  •  pp. 039-062
The ways people connect, interact, share, and communicate have changed due to recent developments in information technology. These developments, categorized as social media, have captured the attention of business executives, technologists, and education professionals alike, and have altered many business models. Additionally, the concept of social media impacts numerous sub-disciplines within business and has become an important issue with operational, tactical, and strategic considerations. Despite this interest, many business schools do not have courses involving social media technologies and applications. In those that do, the placement and focus of the course varies considerably. This article provides motivation and insight into the process of developing an approach for effectively teaching social media use in business. Additionally, it offers implementation examples of courses taught at three major universities. The article concludes with lessons-learned that will give instructors practical guidance and ensure that social media courses taught in a business school provide students with a solid basis for integrating social media into business practice.
social media, teaching, higher education, business education, course development
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