An Examination of Tor Technology Based Anonymous Internet

Colton Chrane, Sathish Kumar
InSITE 2015  •  2015  •  pp. 145-153
The concept of Anonymous Internet is getting traction in the wake of recent privacy related NSA (National Security Agency) privacy allegations. Based on our initial findings, Tor appears to be a solution for this and taking control of the Internet and the User’s privacy. Our study reveals that Tor’s power and future ability to thrive revolves around its expansion. Tor needs to grow in size specifically in nodes as well as in software (Torrenting). With the increase in servers and relays in the system as well as few tweaks including a constant shuffling of servers, the more protected a user would be. We plan to put further research and development efforts in Tor to ensure that Tor becomes a viable source for anonymous Internet as well as popular mainstream browser.
Anonymous Internet, Tor Browser, Torrent, Information Privacy
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