eQETIC: a Maturity Model for Online Education

Rogério Rossi, Pollyana Notargiacomo Mustaro
InSITE 2015  •  2015  •  pp. 918
Digital solutions have substantially contributed to the growth and dissemination of education. The distance education modality has been presented as an opportunity for worldwide students in many types of courses. However, the development of digital educational platforms requires different expertise to its development including knowledge areas such as pedagogy, psychology, computing and digital technologies associated with education that allow the correct development and application of these solutions. To support the development of such solutions with satisfactory quality indicators, this research presents a model dedicated to quality of online educational solutions grounded in an approach that considers the continuous improvement of processes. The model features three maturity levels and six common entities that address the specific practices for planning and developing this type of solution, targeting quality standards that satisfy their users, be they students, teachers, tutors, or others involved in the development process and use of these kind of educational solutions.
Online Education, Digital Educational Solution, Quality Models, eQETIC Model
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