Business Intelligence in a Local Government Unit

Malgorzata Ewa Nycz, Zdzislaw Polkowski
InSITE 2015  •  2015  •  pp. 301-311
Business Intelligence is important tools to improve business processes. More and more companies, government units use BI. But there are not still so many solutions which can be applied in local government units. From this reason the paper has been devoted to the supporting managerial decision-making processes in the Polkowice commune, Poland using BI technology. It consists of the following parts. After a brief introduction to the matter of local government units, the problem statement, the goal of study, research questions, methodology were presented. The next part has been devoted to short presentation of main tasks of the local government units on the example of the Polkowice Community. Then the role of BI in a local government units has been shown. In the next part Business Intelligence is recommended as a modern technology supporting management within local government units and it is shown where, which area of their activity should be supported by the BI technology. The conclusion and contribution end the paper.
information and communications technology, local government units, business intelligence (BI), business processes
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