South Africa Micro Entrepreneurs: Mobile ICT Adoption

Eunice Steyn, Riana Steyn, Carina De Villiers
InSITE 2015  •  2015  •  pp. 445-465
The objective of this paper was to determine the perceived barriers and motivators of mobile ICT adoption by South African micro entrepreneurs. Current research shows that mobile ICT can help ensure the success of micro enterprises. However, there are barriers and motivating factors, which influence the mobile ICT adoption rate of micro enterprises and they seem to differ between countries. Semi-structured interviews with a number of South African micro entrepreneurs were used in this study to determine the barriers and motivators relevant in a South African context. The results from this study show that each individual entrepreneur has their own subset of factors, unique to their situation and environment, which influences their ICT adoption rate. Attempts to increase the mobile ICT adoption rate amongst South African entrepreneurs therefore needs to consider the unique set of mobile ICT adoption barriers and motivators that each entrepreneur faces.
Entrepreneurs, Micro-enterprises, ICT, Mobile, adoption, Motivators, Barriers
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