HUNT: Scavenger Hunt with Augmented Reality

Yan Lu, Joseph T. Chao, Kevin R. Parker
InSITE 2015  •  2015  •  pp. 927
This project shows a creative approach to the familiar scavenger hunt game. It involved the implementation of an iPhone application, HUNT, with Augmented Reality capability for the users to play the game as well as an administrative website that game organizers can use to create and make available games for users to play. Using the HUNT mobile app, users will first make a selection from a list of games, and they will then be shown a list of objects that they must seek. Once the user finds a correct object and scans it with the built-in camera on the smartphone, the application will attempt to verify if it is the correct object and then dis-play associated multi-media AR content that may include images and videos overlaid on top of real world views. HUNT not only provides entertaining activities within an environment that players can explore, but the AR contents can serve as an educational tool.

A revision of this paper was published in Interdisciplinary Journal of Information, Knowledge, and Management
Volume 10, 2015
Software Engineering, Augmented Reality, iOS Application, Scavenger Hunt.
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