A User Centered Approach to Managing Privacy in Online Social Networks

Lila Ghemri
InSITE 2015  •  2015  •  pp. 187-199
Since their initial introduction in the early 90’s, the popularity of web based online social networking sites has been growing exponentially, encompassing millions of users. As these social networks continue to grow and become more popular, users’ different social circles (friends, family, and colleagues) are very likely to collide, as they all coexist under the same infrastructure. Considering the different levels of relationships between a user and their social circles, concerns about privacy arise. How does a user conceal private data? Who has access to it? And what is the most effective way in managing it? Many different approaches have been taken by online social network providers to give users more control over their data, but these methods have not always been affective, resulting in the misuse of the data or unintentional disclosure. We propose a new framework that aims at reducing risks of privacy violation by giving the user better and more intuitive ways to manage their social circles and control who accesses what type of data.
Online Social Networks, Privacy, User Data, FOAF
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