lnfotainment:Cultural Hypertext Of Double Virtuality

Arunas Augustinaitis
InSITE 2001  •  Volume 1  •  2001
The main question of this analysis is a character of mechanism of increasingly netted culture as an intercultural communication context. The shift of culture is related with tendencies of post-modernity and globalization. In fact the contemporary culture is lying on another paradigm, which has a different structure and consecution from traditional culture.” Double virtuality” and infotainment are the hegemonic characteristics of current cross-cultural communicating. The netted culture implies new forms of information representations and dynamic orientations of intercultural actions. There are the consequences of trans-informationality and cultural diffusion, which are internal processes of postmodern culture. We assume the radical transformation of idiosyncrasy of intercultural communication.
intercultural communication, trans-informationality, information, cultural diffusion, infotainment, postmodern culture, netted culture
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