A Framework for Effective User Interface Design for Web-Based Electronic Commerce Applications

Justyna Rudnicka, Gregory R. Madey
InSITE 2001  •  Volume 1  •  2001
Efficient delivery of relevant product information is increasingly becoming the central basis of competition between firms. The interface design represents the central component for successful information delivery to consumers. However, interface design for web-based information systems is probably more an art than a science at this point in time. Much research is needed to understand properties of an effective interface for electronic commerce. This paper develops a framework identifying the relationship between user factors, the role of the user interface and overall system success for webbased electronic commerce. The paper argues that web-based systems for electronic commerce have some similar properties to decision support systems (DSS) and adapts an established DSS framework to the electronic commerce domain. Based on a limited amount of research studying web browser interface design, the framework identifies areas of research needed and outlines possible relationships between consumer characteristics, interface design attributes and measures of overall system success.
electronic commerce, user interface design, DSS, system success
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