Teachers' Perceptions of Learning Technologies: An Informing Issue in High School Education

Chris Cope, Peter Ward
InSITE 2001  •  Volume 1  •  2001
A study of the perceptions of learning technologies of a group of high school teachers was undertaken. Underlying the study was the research-based notion that enhanced learning outcomes are likely only if learning technologies are perceived as a means for students to seek the meaning of the subject material. The teachers were interviewed about their perceptions at the beginning and end of a two year period. The interview transcripts were analyzed using phenomenographic research approaches to identify critical variation in perception. The teachers' perceptions of learning technologies were found to have unrelated "what" and "how" components. The "what" component concerned perception of technology. The "how" component concerned perception of the nature of enhanced learning. The various perceptions were found to be inadequate with regard to the "how" component and unlikely to lead to enhanced student learning outcomes. The research findings lead to the suggestion that the teachers need professional development in the nature of enhanced learning and how learning technologies can be used in the classroom to facilitate better learning outcomes.
Learning technologies, phenomenographic research, teaching and learning approaches.
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