Intelligent Tutoring of Domain Skills : The Need and A Solution

Kinshuk, Ashok Patel, David Russell
InSITE 2001  •  Volume 1  •  2001
The task-oriented disciplines require acquisition ofphysical and cognitive skills, besides the domain’s conceptual knowledge to get ready for challenges of real work environment. Traditional academic practices tend to emphasize facts acquisition and fail to provide adequate learning of cognitive skills required in the day-to-day application of these facts in real life, requiring the learners to subsequently acquire these through experiential learning at the work place and thus delaying the productive use of domain knowledge. On the other hand, learning only in the real work environment makes the learner competence too situated to the particular context in which learning takes place and the learners frequently lack the ability to generalize or even distinguish between the concrete and abstract aspects their knowledge, reducing the scope of immediate productive use of their competence in different situations that may not be completely identical to their place of learning. This paper describes an intelligent tutoring system, developed under the Byzantium project, which attempts to bridge this gap and aims to facilitate acquisition of cognitive skills to go with the learning of a domain’s concepts
Cognitive apprenticeship, Cognitive skills, Domain competence, Intelligent tutoring, Software tutors
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