How to Provide for an Appropriate Dealing with Business Decision-Making from the Viewpoint of Informing

Vojko Potocan
InSITE 2001  •  Volume 1  •  2001
Economics of business decision-making (BDM) is target-oriented into management of the economic flow of business activities. Has a major impact on the level of quality of enterprise's operation. Business decision-making (BDM) is based on information, which shows the characteristics of the decisions and provides an additional and necessary knowledge. The main field of the management of the BDM is presented by the economic treatment of decisions, which are based on various information. The picture of the BDM is illustrated by various sorts, types and forms of information that are primarily created by the target- oriented information systems. These ensure a corresponding structured quality information for BDM at the selected levels of management. Due to the tradition, the usual business information hardly meets criteria of contemporary holism.
"BDM", "Information starting points”, "Information for BDM”, "Economical information”.
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