On the Transformation of Traditional IS Service Department into a Modern IS Center: A Case Study

Kresimir Fertalj, Damir Kalpic
InSITE 2001  •  Volume 1  •  2001
Some issues related to the transformation of a traditional IS service department into a modern team-based information center are discussed. The process of transformation comprises human resources analysis, investigation of possible ways of transformation, proposal of a new organization and constitution of development teams (DTs). New organization is based on DTs with flexible structure, which ensures a successful transformation. Education during transformation must be adjusted to the customer and can include different approaches such as on-the-job education, full curriculum and the short-term training plan, consulting services, end-user education and so forth. An educational framework should propose the standards to be followed and possible adjustments of those standards, which would make the education successful. A study done for a large state-owned Croatian company, carried out in practice as part of the initial strategy plan, will be presented and used as an example.
Consulting, Team Organization, IT Education
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