Hybrid Delivery of Computer Literacy Requirements for Undergraduate Business Schools: A New Model

Kathryn A. Marold, Janos Fustos
InSITE 2001  •  Volume 1  •  2001
The paper presents a revised model for handling the computer literacy and information systems requirements for undergraduates. The model was proposed for School of Business students at the Metropolitan State College of Denver. Through a combination of entrance screenings, self-paced Web Based Training courses on the campus network, and traditional classroom Introduction to Computers courses, a more efficient model for computer literacy was established. Then a hybrid model to deliver the introductory information systems class was proposed - to save scarce faculty and campus resources, yet preserve the traditional classroom instruction that some students need. The proposed hybrid model takes into consideration the higher level of computer literacy of many modern students, and takes advantage of the newest methods of interactive Web based training that make self-paced courses a practical means of learning.
information systems, computer literacy, hybrid delivery, computer course, undergraduate, education
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