An Intelligent Method for Inferring Information about the User/ Client

Jim Baldwin, Trevor Martin, Aimilia Tzanavari
InSITE 2001  •  Volume 1  •  2001
Having in mind today's growth of information sources, both in terms of their number and of their size, whether we are referring to the Internet, a corporate intranet, or a library information retrieval system, we can say that manipulating information is not a trivial task. The user is not often being catered for in distributed information systems. He/ she seems to be interacting with systems that do not recognize his/her uniqueness and thus do not offer an individualized treatment. As a result, User Modeling is a core, essential factor in achieving personalization. We present here an intelligent way of inferring user related information that is not available, a situation that is very likely to occur due to sparseness of relevant data. This method can be very useful in recommender systems and this is illustrated with an example.
Intelligent User Modeling, Recommender Systems, Profile Enhancement, Fuzzy Set Theory.
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