A Template-based Approach to Online Content Delivery: An Alternative to Blackboard

Gerald F. Braun, Elaine Crable
InSITE 2002  •  Volume 2  •  2002
As student access to computers and the Internet becomes more commonplace, professors have come to rely on a variety of tools to deliver course materials for both classroom-based and distance learning courses. Software products such as WebCT, Learning Space, and Blackboard are among the most popular. They all provide the instructor with an easy-to-use environment for delivering content and communicating with students. This paper gives a brief overview of these three products along with a detailed description of an HTML template approach as an alternative to the more costly software tools. Comparisons are made to Blackboard as a representative product based on seven criteria - general design, setup, delivery of materials, interaction, assessment, support and security, and site maintenance. Advantages and disadvantages are discussed.
Content Delivery, Blackboard, e-Learning
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