Moving and Growing Together - Delivering Education in the New Millennium

Renay Buchanan
InSITE 2002  •  Volume 2  •  2002
This paper describes the challenges experienced by Academics and Instructional Designers when creating quality, innovative and accessible educational materials for the University sector in 2001 and beyond. These two roles, which play a crucial part in the development and delivery of the new educational experience, are vital to the success of the student and ultimately, the University. Are we exploiting these roles to their full potential? It is currently the trend to place the burden of the instructional design, along with the plethora of other tasks, on the academic due to the lack of investment in instructional design and teamwork. Is the demand to create fast, easy and inexpensive courses now resting predominantly on academics when their main role should be as a content expert and not instructional designer? Are we getting it right? Can we do it better?
Instructional design, Education, Innovation, Delivering education, Academic, Workloads
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